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The quick-deed of the “Idema Building” on 450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina that Penny Alesi gave to William Hagler was the beginning of a side show that continues to this day.
Ms. Alesi never wanted this controversy that has landed in a North Carolina court and has attracted much local media attention and some national coverage. In early August, 2010 when Ms. Alesi escaped Idema white slavery in Mexico to the USA (She filed charges in Mexico against him on July 30, 2010 – the document is here), she made a good faith offer to settle out of court if Idema (1) Shipped to her all her personal belongings (2) Returned her “Mexican” cat she had named “Tinka.” (3) Repay the balance on the American Express card that Idema had gained by fraud in her name. Idema did nothing to settle his legal obligations to his former wife, which were extremely modest when compared to the trials that she went though in Mexico at the hands of man many would describe as a latter day Marquis De Sade, who took delight in the torture and sexual degradation as his prisoner at an isolated resort in Mexico. Ms. Alesi also gives part of blame for the North Carolina legal proceedings to Idema's legal team in that she believes are blinded by greed and corrupt to the core.

Ms. Alesi thinks Idema and some of his associates were well aware that she suffered from the most lethal form of AIDS and hoped she would die, or be too sick to continue resistance. If this line of attack failed, Ms. Alesi believes the plan was to silence her by means of harassment and death threats.

The attack has obviously failed as well and Ms. Alesi very much still in the struggle.

Affidavits filed on November 3, 2010 from Lynn E. Thomas and John Edwards Tiffany regarding the lawsuit over the “Idema Building” and William Hagler are excellent fiction that slanders Ms. Alesi. Tiffany has been Idema's lawyer since his adventures in Afghanistan starting in 2001/02, and has ties to another Idema important issue - the controversial death of Rita Gray. (The death of Ms. Gray and the Idema/Tiffany connection to it will be covered in a future article). The other member of the “Idema Legal Team” are Tiffany's cousin and fellow lawyer, Vallerie Magory, who also teamed up with William London regarding the H.J Idema Trust.

What Thomas and Tiffany wrote in the affidavits concerning Ms. Alesi good entertainment, but completely false. Tiffany knew her as the wife of Jack Idema when they first met at Idema's father funeral. He also saw her while in Mexico at the STAR meetings. Tiffany was also aware that Ms. Alesi's name was being used for many purposes by Legal Team Idema and never mentioned the fact to her – this was the case with William London as well – who was first to congratulate Ms. Alesi on her marriage to Idema.

It would appear that Tiffany had an easy job as Idema's attorney, as Idema (a real jailhouse lawyer, for sure!) would write up the legal issue at question and send the document to Tiffany, who would copy, sign and submit the finished product to the court. One hears much about “ghost writers” who create books for famous people like Obama, but this is first time this investigative reporter has heard of a “ghost lawyer” - in this case Idema - who uses a real lawyer's letterhead, signature and license to practice law. Ms. Alesi has documentation as well (to be produced at a later date) of this unusual manner of law practice. This legal project of Idema's was financed by the Ms. Alesi's corporate American Express card obtained by fraud by Idema, where these legal documents sent to Kinko to be reproduced and charges billed. Ms. Alesi has copies of these documents where all that need be added for submission to the court are Tiffany's signature.

The Thomas Affidavit is quite interesting as well. Ms. Alesi has described Thomas as a “professional victim” who can tell lies and pump out a sea of salty tears on command concerning her alleged abuse by Ms. Alesi! One of the oldest tactics used by criminals and communists is to accuse the accuser. In this dirty little game that is based on psychological projection is to charge the victim with being aggressor. The father of the Russian Revolution, Lenin, once famously told his stooges the best way to attack the opposition, “accuse them of what you are.” If this is true, Thomas is quite the villain, as she has committed a serious hate crime by exposing Ms. Alesi's HIV status to the world on the Internet. Thomas attempts to advertise her herself as an American patriot and Christian, but many think she has would have made an excellent Bolshevik in the party of Lenin.

The Stupor Patriots in April 2006:

"Well lets see here ... Now here is proof of a conspiracy. Lynn Thomas has admitted here that she has been in contact with Jackbo's lawyers. That through Jackbo's lawyers she posted a partial deposition that was under a Court Order of Protection. That she is and has been involved as a accessory to perpetrate a fraud. Nice Christian Woman ....................................................... Got to love this Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas! She has been receiving threats .............................................................. LOL! Sick girl Lynn you really need help!"

More from The Stupor Patriots dated October 2006:
"So Thomas attacks forgetting all about the FACT that Jackbo has had many opportunities to prove his case in court and every time he sued one of the people Thomas continues to wrongly defame he has not just lost in court but ended up being sanctioned and owing the defendants money. Of course Thomas reports on all that? Well of course not! Every time Jackbo has gotten his ass handed to him Thomas rails against the truth and attacks or threatens the person who was wronged. Just like the threat of calling the FBI. LOL! Calling the FBI! LOL! Lynn Thomas is going to call the FBI! Ok, here is the jist of the conversation between Thomas and the FBI."
"Thomas just plainly for what ever demented reason refuses to acknowledge the truth and this includes emails and statements from Jackbo's old Commanding Officer and Green Beret Billy Waugh. But note that Thomas only attacks a selected group of people. You have to ask why? Why not bring to light that Jackbo's old Commanding Officer wrote personally to Thomas and Thomas even refused to answer or post his email. Also note that Thomas has not even mentioned the fact that Billy Waugh slammed the door on Jackbo's private prison. She forgets that 98% of Jackbo's claims have been exposed as BULLSHIT! His military record, how and why he entered Afghanistan, and even the FRAUD Jackbo committed playing US Military covert terrorist hunter killer. But none of this sinks into Thomas lying brain. Yes she is a very sick and demented woman."

This is more proof of what Jack Idema, Lynn Thomas and the rest of his gang will do to destroy the lives of their opponents.

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