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Isabeau-Dakota Corporation
Property Manager · Fayetteville, North Carolina · Sep 2010 to Apr 2011
"I managed properties in New York and North Carolina and completed the work in North Carolina at the end of April." -LYNN THOMAS FACEBOOK ENTRY
This is my last article on the late Jack Idema.


For nearly three years, I have been fighting a battle that has now ended and I can move on with my life. On December 31, 2012 Greater Harvest Global Ministries returned to the building they rightfully own in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
They have been fighting to regain ownership in court and have finally won. The aggravation and heartache inflicted on this ministry was unwarranted and unnecessary. From the beginning, they were plagued with dishonesty and cursed with non-stop interference and harassment from Jack Idema and his cronies. 
The bone of contention was the Isabeau Dakota fiasco that involved me, Jack Idema and William Hagler. As I've stated before, I filed charges against Idema in July 2010. Shortly thereafter, I returned to the States and demanded that I receive all paperwork they had my name on it along with my supposed resignation from Idema's lawyer William "Skip" London. 
 I never received a single piece of paper-because none existed. The Idema cabal had put my name on various illegal companies and I did not want to be involved. The solution they came up with was to put the company into suspension---not dissolve it.
 London was the registered agent so he was able to get away with this shady deal. Therefore, instead of releasing me; from the position that I had resigned from the Idema cabal harassed me and my family non-stop. I was ruined by my relationship with Jack Idema and his associates both in terms of finance and health. 
Hence, with no other way to get out, I quick-deeded 450 Robeson Street (Isabeau Dakota), Fayetteville, North Carolina, to William Hagler for a a token sum of $10.00. I have never pursued the Idema cabal for the many thousands of dollars they owed me and the mega debts they incurred in my name. I simply wanted to get away from all of them. 
Instead, Idema and his cohorts made my life miserable. Thomas Stark and Seth Neyhart sent me a protective order via email, not a legal way of serving a person, but then nothing this wild Idema bunch did was legit. The Internet campaign against me by the Idema cabal is a case in point. 
The short version is that Lynn Thomas (Cao, Caoilfhionn, Caoilfhionn1, Caoilfhionn Malone, Hollywood7, Cao2, Caoilfhionn2, Idema Fan, yikes hope I remembered all of them) and Kender Breitbart (really now, anything for attention) MacGowen. The two of them have shared nasty blogs full of hateful negativity regarding anyone that has attacked their hero Jack Idema. 
Thus Thomas and Kender, have put me through so much twisted, convoluted nonsensical nonsense. 
Kender involved himself when he wrote that twisted poem about me and didn't expect me to react the way I did. (Note to Kender: "Sorry, moron, if you attack me, I am going to come back at you with everything I have. Your lies made me sick to my stomach.") Kender NEVER MET IDEMA. So really, where does he get off? 
Skip London I also have nothing but disdain for that individual. A coward of the first degree who chooses to ignore the truth and embellishes lies. 
I would have thought more of Thomas Stark except for the fact that he thought that sending me a restraining order thru the mail would shut me up, yeah okay. 
Seth Neyhart is the only one out of the whole group that I can honestly say does have small conscience. I believe he knew what was going on was wrong, but it was his job. 
I could also name John Tiffany, who lied in his court affidavit about me and who stole $189,000 from the late Rita Gray to get Idema out of the infamous Polacharki prison in Afghanistan, not to mention his involvement with the fraudulent will that he and Skip London made up regarding all the property Jack's late father owned. But what's the point now.? 
The Idema cabal got away with their dirty deeds and will eventually have to face their creator. 
Back to my story, October of 2010, I signed away Isabeau Dakota and the corporation located at 450 Robeson Street was suspended, and that was illegal for business was to be conducted while the company was inactive. (However, my name was still listed as President in July 2011). Lynn Thomas, who was aware of the corporation suspended status entered into a bogus rental agreement with Harvest Ministries, in April 2011 because Idema told her they could make some “serious money.” 
On her Facebook page Lynn Thomas states that she was the agent for Isabeau Dakota. This made Thomas Idema's liaison and mouthpiece for more fraud. The plan was to have Harvest Ministries redecorate the inside of the building and install a heating/ac unit on the top of the building at their cost in lieu of rent for a couple of months. 
Harvest Ministries put over $82,000 money into the building improvements and were rewarded by Idema with eviction after the work was finished. Holier than thou, Thomas attacks everyone and thinks everybody is stalking/harassing her when she is the true criminal. 
The video court testimony posted above from January 2011, sums it all up. At approx. 16:24 mark of the video , you can see how Thomas lies about there being no video taping of the exchange of Hagler/Carter and her returning items taken out of the building. She also claims there was no video tape and yet she had it taped herself on You Tube
Thomas also slanders a police chief and lies about having her blog, Cao's Blog, only being up for a short period of time. What else we hear Thomas say on the courtroom videotape? There was big lie about there being no person as Penny Idema. The schizo nut goes from fake tears to defiant and cocky. I never got a chance to testify. Probably better I didn't. No one from either side would have profited by putting me up there. By mid-January 2012, I was so disgusted with both sides and all the lies from both sides, that I figure just let them all fight themselves. 
It was only when Harvest Ministries got screwed that I went into action against the Idema stooges.
This Christian ministry did not do anything to deserve the scam that they were pulled into. The four people in the scam, Lynn Thomas and Seth Neyhart on one side, on the other Bill Hagler and Jack Carter, all ended with zero dollars at the end of this drama. 
Idema had no estate, trust or clear will to debate, and was like I had been saying since the beginning, broke. I was the only one that had a recent will and it wasn't worth the hassle to go to court. Hence, all the lawyers, all the family he didn't speak with, all the people he owed money to (many) received nothing. 
And Lynn Thomas who believed in Idema until the very end got zip, zero, nada! I think what amazed me most these past months, was how the emphasis of Thomas and Kender's gutter jargon escalated regarding me. They constantly had to resort to sleazy language to attack me. They were always going to lower rungs on the ladder of taste to get some point across (what, I haven't the slightest idea). So bizarre and in the end, it only managed to paint an even more pathetic portrait of the two of them-----Idema's Sycophants. 
The end of the Idema saga has come at long last: Harvest Ministries, a devout African-American Christian ministry, has won the building the Idema cabal fought so long and so hard to steal from them. Jack Idema is dead and his stooges have been exposed as psychopaths and criminals. I can now go on with my life. 
God chose the end and good won over evil and justice has finally come. 

Lynn Thomas is broke and was facing eviction or foreclosure a while back.  She blamed the conspiracy against her for causing her financial decline and not getting involved in Idema's nonsense.  She even took up a plea for cash as did many of her conservative buddies before.  Apparently her husband is a confused man who is falling apart in many ways.  It is a shame she was so mean and so hateful to so many people because normally that would be something that should invoke sympathy, but most sensible people see herself as her undoing and perhaps investing what little money was available on Idema and his schemes in hope of a big payout.

It says something when the most rabid right wingers are also the most broke-ass motherfuckers you will meet.

Speaking of broke-ass motherfuckers:

Kender is now Kender Breitbart?  Hilarious.  His real name is Mike Groomes and he is a welfare queen holding court in Hesperia California...granted he needs welfare to stay alive since he does not have any kidneys that work, but beyond ironic that someone who fights against the welfare state would probably die if he ever got his wish.

Then there is Deathelm.  He thinks Idema is still alive as is Shah Massoud and they are running around A-stan doing good deeds while not being noticed.  He also thought a hot, blond Russian babe would be delivered to him via an airplane and bear him mankind's next Christchild for him. 

So far the only prophecy he got correct was in predicting a cat once thought dead was alive.

The lawyers involved in this are just simply the type who do not deserve to walk upon this earth unchallenged.   They are oddly not comical but perhaps they will likely attach themselves to a host that will someday do them in, since decent people would avoid them.



I think the true persona of Lynn Thomas is a psychopath like Jack Idema and one who hides behind the same shield of "super patriotism."

Ditto for Kender, or Mike, or whoever the fuck he thinks he is today.

These two twisted individuals and many others like them flocked to the banner of Idema like a pack of hungry wolves eager to join in the kill.

Thus Idema created a cabal of like minded wolves-in-patriot-clothing using his formula for stealing money at any cost to the victim.

And keep this in mind: It was the real super patriots in the Special Forces, and in the Media, people like Robert Pelton, acting without official sanction, who finally forced the U.S. government's hand in Kabul in 2004 that led to Idema's arrest and imprisonment, albeit, only for a few years.