Monday, July 29, 2013


July 29, 2013

It has long been known that President Obama is in favor of late term abortions, but a recent telephone conversation from a confidential source working in the White House kitchen tells the sinister reason behind the President's support for infanticide - He loves "Dead Baby Soup" prepared by an experienced politburo Chinese chef because he thinks it increases his authoritarian political powers.

One aide has been overheard by our shocked informant as saying that the night before Obama makes a major political move (for example, the announcement of Obamacare) a dead baby from one of the many abortion clinics in the District of Columbia is delivered to Obama's special Chinese cook by the U.S. Secret Service. During one such late night delivery, the "dead" baby proved to be very much alive and was heard to be crying by the Secret Service detail just outside the kitchen door, but was thrown into the boiling water alive by the Chinese cook known only as "M" by White House personnel.

It is reported that President Obama dines with his inner circle at these late night dead baby soup affairs. One favorite guest is Hillary Clinton, who is said to be quite pleased with the "charge" she gets after eating dead baby soup. The former Secretary of State is reported to have been quite concerned about going to prison after her perjury before Congress concerning the Benghazi Massacre of 9/11/12, but was calmed down by two bowls of dead baby soup.

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