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This is a brief summary of my time with Jack-Jonathan-Keith-Jack Black - Idema.

I became interested in Idema via articles I read about his adventures in Afghanistan on the Internet after the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania.

In 2004, I sent him a letter to Polacharki Prison in Kabul, Afghanistan, because I had read about his arrest for running a private prison in Afghanistan and felt that he and his friends had been imprisoned for being a little too keen in the war against Islamic terrorism, which was no crime in my opinion, as I had personally witnessed the 9/11 attacks in New York City and detested the Islamists. I started sending Jack and friends care packages every week beginning in October 2004 in the generous spirit of American patriotism.

Idema first contacted me in January of 2005. I was married at the time we corresponded, but my marriage was in a state of decline, and I was divorced on May 16, 2007. I emailed and talked to Idema via satellite phone on the average of three or four times a week. We made plans to be together when he got out of jail. We also decided that I would take the dog, Nina to him when he was released.

In June 2007, Idema departed Afghanistan. He traveled first to Dubai and then Mexico by way of England. Nina was sent to me via Kennedy airport UAE cargo.on June 3, 2007. I boarded her at my home and at my expense in the New York City metro area until I took her to Cancun, Mexico on September 28, 2007.

The first time I met Jack in person was in Cancun, Mexico on June 30, 2007. We stayed at a
motel where he got into an argument with the owner on my first night there and we were thrown out because Idema had backed into a car. The next stop was the BelAir in Cancun and then to the Puerto Aventuras where Idema had rented a condo.

Then he moved to Bacalar November 2007. It became quite evident over the first couple of times that
he was heavily involved in something illegal. But I was so enamored and had so much wanted to be
with him, I ignored all the stuff that was going on. I also became heavily involved with all the
wrongdoings over time but by the time I realized how bad it all was, I was in too deep. I was a
volunteer in the beginning but became a victim in the end. The excitement of traveling & being with
him was better than my normal life I left. He took out an Amex in my name online, which he promised
to pay monthly. In the beginning, he did, but then he started paying less & less each month, and I was
getting in deeper & deeper. I had grown close to his father & his father & I would visit & talk on the
phone very frequently. His father wanted to see him one more time because he was dying & he knew
it. I took his father there but it did not work out very well. His father hated him & hated what he
became. He loved him; but he hated him. When his father fell in August of 2008, I went to visit him at
3 different hospitals he was in. I also hired a round the clock agency to care for him because he did not
want to go into a rest home & I respected his wishes. October 12, 2008, when Mr. Idema was in the
hospital, Vallerie Magory, her husband & I visited John. While I was present he only signed the POA
paper for me to care for him. NO OTHER papers were signed in my presence. John was incoherent
anyway. October 22, 2008 Jack demanded I have his father sign a legal document with me in charge of
Isabeau, I refused. John died 11-24-08. At the end of 2008, I became President of Isabeau. There also
was now a new will that Jack claims & his lawyers claim, that he signed in New Jersey the end of Dec.
Well, that’s impossible because Jack has not been in America since 2004. They did the fraudulent will
to make up a trust that creditors could not sue. The H J Idema Trust consists of a house on 12 Jonathan
Lane Poughkeepsie, New York, the plane & hanger also in New York, and the Isabeau Dakota Building
on 450 Robeson Street Fayetteville, NC. At the time, there were 3 judgments against Idema & he was
afraid the creditors would take all the money and assets his father left him. Jack was always afraid to
put his name on anything. He put me & Rick Lawson on the BBT accounts but made sure he had a
supplementary ATM card so he could take money out in Mexico to support his drug & sex habit. I was
also put on a grant as President of Isabeau to reface the 450 Robeson Street building in Fayetteville.
When he went to move the plane to Atlanta, Georgia, I became a manager of yet another dummy corp
“Walnut Hill Holdings”. I have also requested to see what my name was on & accruement accounting,
but have never seen anything but bank statements and only because I had the mailing address changed.
When Jack formed “Star Aviation”, once again, his name could not be used. So he surrounded himself
with other people who he could use their good names so his main reason for the cargo company
wouldn’t be discovered. He was setting up drug/arms deals in Thailand, Pakistan & Afghanistan. He
made a lot of connections through his years overseas. While I was living with him in Bacalar, he
started a boat business and because the lake went into Chetumal & Belize he would make trips to do
drug deals. There was always drugs & guns everywhere in the house. He also started a bizarre
relationship with a young man named Fernando around Sept. 2008. He told me it was the first time he
engaged in sex with a man but now I know otherwise. He also became very friendly (translation-sex)
with a transexual named Nancy. I was not happy with any of this, but I also knew that he would be
angry if I said anything. So I befriended Nancy & Fernando and it got to the point where I moved into
one bedroom & he would be in the other doing Viagra, lines & having strange sex all night with these
2. I also didn’t want to make him angry so that my bills wouldn’t get paid. I figured it wasn’t another
woman, and god knows what he went through in Afghanistan, so I just lived my life & he lived his. I
was just a front & to everyone on the outside looking in, I was his wife. He told me he used condoms
with them & I always saw used condoms in the morning, so I believed him. I was stupid. Period. When
he had his accident on Sept. 17, and I went back to Mexico to help him, he completely changed. He
was now just a shell of the person I knew. He was always violent & nasty but now everything was ten
times personified. He lied more, he drank more, he did more drugs. I would look into his eyes & see
only darkness. I knew I had to get away from him permanently. He was not only a serial litigator but
was constantly threatening to kill anyone & everyone, me included. All I wanted was for him to pay
my credit cards like he promised, take my name off of all the fraudulent corporations, let me have my
Mexcian cat Tinka, all my belongings & let me go. That was it. Then we were diagnosed with HIV.
The night he brought the papers home I didn’t clearly understand them & asked for a translator to come
to the house to talk to the doctor on speaker phone so I understood the results. Alain, the translator, &
the doctor, Dr. Denis, spoke with us via speaker phone. Dr. Denis said if I went back to the States, I
would be okay. But when Jack got sick, he would not get better. I asked him if Jack had it longer than
me. Yes was the reply. And then all hell broke loose. Jack threw the phone across the room & told
Alain to leave & never mention it. After Alain left, Jack just kept drinking & shooting Nalbufina
(which he was now addicted to), did some lines of coke & was drinking his vodka with corona & lime.
He was gone. But he told me a story about a turtle & a scorpion. Basically he admitted he knew he
had this & it was my fault because I should have known what I was getting involved in. He also told
me there was no way for me to ever leave him now because no one would be with me but him. And we
would die together. I left Mexico on Feb.15, 2010, never expecting to go back. On Feb. 17, I went to
the local Aids Project of Danbury & had a rapid test. It was negative & I was thrilled. But then the
first week of March I got very ill. I went to 70 Main Street, Danbury & was retested for HIV & TB.
On March 16, 2010, the test for TB was negative but the HIV was positive. I not only tested positive
for HIV 1 but HIV 2 (not at all common for the States) & I also tested positive for HPV (genital warts).
Which according to all my doctors, means he did indeed infect me. I was in the window where the
rapid test was negative. And my viral load was then undetectable & my t-cell count high (I have all
medical records to prove this). I was a newbie. As sick as I was, I went back July 20, 2010. I went
back for numerous reasons. 1) to see if he had changed & would say he was sorry for all he did to me
and if not 2) I was going to get my cat & my belongings. I had booked the trip to stay until August 11.
Things were quite strained upon my return. He was worse than ever, constantly getting high & drunk,
and being a complete moron. There was no food, the house was a mess, and everything was just not
right. He was in complete denial that he had HIV, let alone giving it to me. He said he had “special
blood” & he took a new test that came out negative. I wanted to see it, but of course it didn’t exist. He
kept saying he could “heal” me with a transfusion of his blood! Completely delusional & convoluted.
Sunday, July 25, I told him I had a copy of his original test & he exploded. Telling me no one could
ever know this, what was wrong with me, etc. Then his tranny friend Nancy called. I told him his
boyfriend was on the phone & he went ballistic. He broke my cd player & grabbed me & kept hitting
my head against the stone wall. Tried choking me and then everything went black. When I started to
come to, I heard him on the phone saying he had to dump my body if I didn’t come to & was talking to
this guy that we both knew to come over. Nick, i a drug addict, came over & wanted to know if I
overdosed. No, Jack said but he wanted me dead & to get rid of me. Nick told him to take me to the
hospital. Jack said he would but he was going to leave me there. I knew I had to get out of there & that
was my chance. Once I got to the checkpoint, I would get out of the cab & get help. When the cab
came, Jack & Nick put me in it, Jack next to me in the back seat. Clearly I looked like I was beaten &
hurt. I acted out of it, but started to move my foot under the cab driver’s seat. Jack thought we
wouldn’t get stopped at the checkpoint because they never stop cabs but this driver knew I was in
trouble. So he stopped at the checkpoint. Jack jumped out & started giving the guards a hard time,
well I opened the window asking them to help me. The guard opened the cab door & was helping me
out when Jack ran over to the side of the cab & banged my head against the cab pushing me back in.
Told the driver to bring us back to the house not the hospital. And that’s where my nightmare really
started. We got back & a different guy was there, Steve, who helped put me in bed & Jack told him to
leave. Then Jack started slapping me & raped me with no condom & he had sores all over his genitals.
I begged him not to. Then he started screaming at me & told me I was going to die. He then injected
me with the Nalbufina he was taking. He went downstairs & put the music on loudly & I heard glasses
breaking. I made it to the phone & made 1 call to my friend in America. I told her I was in trouble &
he was going to kill me & help me. That was it. For the next day & a half, all I remember is being
locked in that room & just getting up to use the bathroom or drink the bottle of water next to me. He
had people there working but it seemed normal to them that I wasn’t coming out of the room because
we were always mad & fighting with each other anyway. Then 2 guys came to the gate regarding the
checkpoint fiasco & because my girlfriend got in touch with the American Embassy (Marcus). Jack
told me not to say anything or he would shoot them & me. He had a gun in his pocket the entire time
& was sitting next to me watching everything. When they got up to leave I squeezed the guy’s inside
hand with my fingernails to let him know I needed help. Next 2 days, more of the same. Except the
plumber, a very nice Mexican who spoke English was there & knew I needed help. But by then, Jack
was in trouble. The men who came started an investigation & Jack got his corrupt lawyer to get him an
amparo. Thursday the lawyer said that he was going to get to the bottom of it & come back on Friday
to tell Jack. Friday, he did come back & Jack found out that I squeezed the investigator’s hand & all
hell broke loose. He & his lawyer were going to kill me & the plumber said he was getting me out
now, no more time. We took as many things as I could, tried to get my cat, Tinka, but he was hiding &
wouldn’t come out. The plumber, Ricardo, drove me to the center of Bacalar, and I rented a small
room for 2 hours, stayed barricaded in it until the Chetumal Federal police came to get me. I went to
Chetumal & was questioned for 7 hours & willingly submitted to an internal exam & bloodwork & let
them take photos of my bruises for proof. I pressed charges of rape, assault, attempted murder &
injecting me with a narcotic & keeping me prisoner in the house against my will. (Have copy of
charges). Stayed in a hotel the rest of that day which was now 4 a.m. & Saturday because I was ill &
hurt so bad. Then 2 policeman drove me to Cancun (4 hour drive) and I went back to the States August
1. Idema was furious. He knew once I left everything would come out. The threats were really bad to
say the least. He denied everything that happened, said I was a liar, etc. I went to my doctor when I
returned and found out those sores he had were Herpes 1 & Herpes 2. So now the number of sexually
transmitted the diseases is 5. He turned off my cell phone August 9 (and there was a credit of $76 on
it), he stopped paying even the minimum on my credit card. He & I were all over the Mexican media.
When I got back to the States, I met with the FBI and ATF and gave statements. But it didn’t take me
long to realize out of sight out of mind. The only way to pursue this would be to go back. Which I was
not going to do. I tried for 7 months to keep following up with it but it just isn’t going to happen. I’m
an American woman who was attacked by an American & big deal. They’ve got drug wars done there,
they’re not going to worry about this. On August 2, I cancelled the ATM cards for the BBT account
that was primarily in his name. I didn’t take any money just cancelled the cards. I also emailed his
corrupt lawyers, William “Skip” London, John Tiffany & Vallerie Magory saying I wanted to know
what my name was on & that I resigned from everything. I also wanted the payment due on my credit
cards & my cat & the rest of my belongings. Never heard a thing. So September 3, I emailed everyone
again, I said my name was still on Isabeau Dakota & because you never acknowledged my resignation
I take it back & I will be dropping assets if we can’t settle. They just sent me basically nonsense saying
do what you want, you resigned, etc. So to get my name off the corporation I quick-deeded it for ten
dollars to Idema’s archenemy. This way I wouldn’t be responsible for any wrong doings & the fraud.
They were collecting money from the Pet Resort, reneging on the grants, etc. And I needed to get
medical care from the State of CT & I didn’t want any problems. That started a huge drama. Naked
photos of me to my parents, death threats, Lynn Thomas outing me on her blog about the HIV & saying
I had sex with thousands of partners etc. So a month and a half late I retaliated with the truth. I figured
I was already outed so let’s bring it all out. And it’s been a battle ever since. They keep trying to shut
me up because they are afraid all the fraud will come out. But the stalking, bullying, harassment
continues. Never got a cent, they are still using my name & I am sick. And now Idema is planning on
coming back to the States May 23. I am on the top of his to kill list. I want to press charges against him
for all the damage he has done to me, criminally. I want him to pay back the money he owes me & pay
for putting my name on all those corporations that he shouldn’t have. I want to press charges against
him, his lawyers, Lynn Thomas & Kender McGowen for harassing me & putting my life & my parents’
lives in danger by telling everyone I had HIV & was having sex when I wasn’t. This I believe is
considered a hate crime & most of all, I want him charged with trying to kill me with HIV & taking my
life from me.
The following is a list of my travels to & fro Mexico with my passport as verification
9-28-07-----------10-8-07 (took Nina to Mexico)
11-30-07----------12-3-07 (1st time in Bacalar house he moved in)
2-3-08-------------4-13-08 (took his ailing father to Mexico, his father (because of the non-stop fighting
with his son over the building) left 2-10-08, but was supposed to stay till April with me)
7-28-07-------------8-11-08 (Fayetteville 1st to see building I was going to be President of, then Mexico
for “Star” meetings with Arabs)
11-9-08------------11-23-08 (got “married” 11-22-08; Mr. Idema died 11-24-08)
12-30-08-----------1-13-09 (Mr. Idema’s wake was 1-30-09; his funeral was 1-31-09. Myself & Rick
Lawson took care of all the arrangements. Jack couldn’t be bothered to even show up).
3-31-09------------9-17-09 (took my 3 cats with me, and then left with them & my visiting brother)(on
way back he had near fatal car accident)
9-23-09------------11-21-09 (took care of him)
12-31-09-----------2-15-10 (tested for HIV in January; Positive results for both of us came back in first
week of Feb.)
7-20-10-------------8-1-10 (was booked to stay until

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