Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Second Draft


The letter that Jack Idema had sent to Vallerie Magory looks like a perfect legitimate business agreement.

However, the reality is, like all of Idema's so-called business ventures, it is a fig leaf designed to hide the hairy nakedness of a criminal venture by means of honest people like Penny Alesi and Herbert Doe (last name withheld per request by informant) with titular authority over Isabeau Dakota.

The de facto power in this enterprise would be in the hands of Jack Idema, who used it for his own ends – the chief one being to enlarge his own bank account – while leaving all business expenses and legal penalties to the legal owners the corporation.

This is exactly what Idema had done to Viktoria Running Wolf and Tom Bumback in a previous scam.

Idema did not pay his appointed Isabeau Dakota Corporation officers a salary. Herbert Doe used his personal credit cards for business expenses that were to be reimbursed by Idema, but never paid. The same promise of a later payment of salary were made to Penny Alesi with a twist – Idema applied for an American Express card online in her name by way of Jet Blue Airlines (Reason: Bonus Miles!) The American Express card he obtained by criminal means in the name of Penny Alesi was the key to the entire scam and quickly became charged up to its limit (95% of this debt has not been paid). Thus her “salary” went as payments to the card from the Isabeau Corporation. This “creative money model” was used by Idema to fund other necessary business expenses like cell phones for his corporate officers, phony ID cards, and ongoing lawsuits.

How did Idema exercise control of this criminal enterprise? This is easy if you're an intelligent psychopath with many years of experience. Ms. Alesi was held directly in his control by means of white slavery at his Casa Arabi Sex Resort in Mexico and Herbert Doe believed Idema was worthy of trust as an “off the books manager of the corporation” and who repay him with a generous salary plus bonus. Idema also exercised control by means of the corporate cell phone by changing passwords on a regular basis, so that he could monitor every call made of these phones.

As if this Big Brother victimization of Herbert Doe wasn't bad enough, Idema made him his “Gofer” for extensive business legwork and many personal errands, which involved extensive travel in the eastern United States and Mexico. The bulk of this travel were trips to and from the Idema building in Fayettsville, North Carolina; the deceased Idema father's house in Poughkeepsie, New York where the house, hanger and plane were located; and Mexico to “coordinate” matters with “CEO” Idema. Of course, this hard work and expense of many thousand dollars was accomplished without compensation from Idema.

Meanwhile during this time frame of 2008 to 2009, the Idema Building in North Carolina was in serious decline due to previous flooding and needed a new roof, removal of mold, new heating/cooling unit and a repaved parking lot. The two new tenants running The Ultimate Pet Resort were (from Dec. 2008--July 2009), were running out of patience because they were continuing to pay their rent but Idema had not done the repairs he had promised them in the lease agreement. Idema's solution? As always (OPM) Other People's Money! Yes, our self styled “super patriot” made a “super prososal” to the city of Fayettesville, North Carolina in the form of 74 page grant for the Idema Building entitled, “450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville; 2009 RENOVATION PROJECT PROPOSAL”. In reading this document, this writer has to give Idema, its author his due, it looks on the surface like an excellent QUID PRO QUO to turn endangered property around in order enrich the city property taxes.

Indeed, the Isabeau Dakota Corporation, STAR America Aviation & The Ultimate Pet Resort were all listed in this proposal with awesome pictures, graphs, estimates, job creations, etc. in a very professional business style! The reader will very likely not notice small items like Penny Idema's name being spelled “Penny Alessi” on page 13 and “President Isabeau Dakota Corporation & CEO” with signature forged seven times in the Idema grant document.

Herbert Doe is listed as Project Manager. Project Advisors, General Counsel has two of Idema’s lawyers - William London III (Isabeau Dakota) and John Edwards Tiffany (STAR Air) listed. Jack Idema is solely responsible for this 74 page grant submission, dated April 21, 2009. Each section would be given five thousand dollars towards their repairs. And each section had a year to complete their end of the agreement after receiving the money. As it always turns out with everything Idema is involved with, it became a nightmare. Herbert Doe worked non-stop to get all these repairs completed, but of course, Idema was never satisfied. He would change his mind constantly and never settle on one idea at a time. He would argue about the price, the materials needed, when it would be done, how he wanted it done and then would completely "forget" the conversations with the individuals involved in them the next day.

In the late spring and summer of 2009, Idema was in meltdown over the Isabeau Dakota affair.

Penny Alesi recalls Idema's screams into the speakerphone and calling the persons on the receiving end vile names who preformed unspeakable sexual acts. Ms. Alesi and her “family” of three American cats were then living with Idema from March 31, 2009 - September 17, 2009; and was his close companion every single day. What she experienced in those months of horror will never be forgotten: Idema was constantly breaking phones, glasses, ashtrays, anything within reach because he was not happy with the way things were going in the States. However, he would not even attempt to return to America because he was afraid that the FBI had a sealed indictment that would put him in jail the moment he stepped foot on U.S. soil. Thus he would do all his business via phone, computer and fax. The problem was that Idema had broken rule number one of a successful con artist by drinking to excess and using illegal drugs like cocaine. As if wasn't enough to blow his cool, the dust to dawn bizarre sex escapades at his Casa Arabi that by themselves would have driven anyone over the edge.

The last business in the Idema Building in Fayetteville. North Carolina – the Ulitmate Pet Resort – closed at the end of of July, 2009. The profits from this enterprise had been excellent, but the owners were sick and tired of broken promise after broken promise that came from the shadow owner of the building – Jack idena – living in Mexico. It was at this low point Ms. Alesi demanded that Idema produce all the records concerning this enterprise and told by Idema to “take a hike.” Hence, to this day Ms. Alesi has no idea what happened to the rents and desposits taken from businesses and the non-profit that rented space in the Idema Building, but a good guess is that this money was placed in Idema's pocket. When asked by this writer if any city/state/federal taxes were paid by Idema as the de facto CEO of the Idema Building, Ms. Alesi doubts if this ever happened, “Paying taxes is the last thing Idema would ever do – he hated government – all goverments, but in particular the American government who he blamed for most of his problems.”

The beginning of the end for the Isabeau Dakota scam came in January, 2011, when litigation started in a North Carolina court. The de jure officers of the corporation – Penny Alesi and Herbert Doe – were absolutely clueless where the grant money, rents and deposit money had went, as no accounting was ever forwarded by Idema, the de facto CEO of the corporation. It should noted once again, that these official corporate officers were told lie after lie by Idema over the course of a year, and his skillful mixture of fact and fiction along with outbursts of temper kept them at bay. This saga of deception by Idema will be addressed at length in future articles, however, this side of the story has yet to be exposed in court.

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