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Ronbo and The Nazi Invasion of Orlando

Ronbo meets Nazis in downtown Orlando at the corner of Church Street and Division at 1305 hours (that's 1:05 P.M. to you civilians) on February 25, 2006.

After parking his car near the Orlando Public Library at 1300, that's 1 P.M. to you civlians, Ronbo advanced up Church Street towards the location of the Nazis on his Recon partrol. When he arrived at the intersection of Church Street and Division and observed the approximately 25 Nazi demonstrators well guarded by the OPD SWAT TEAM & mounted policemen on the Division Street side in a public parking lot.

Suddenly Ronbo found himself surrounded by young teenage anarchists of the Southeastern Anarchist Network dressed in completely in black with masks over their faces and was pushed towards the police line. It was clear that the anarchists wanted to kick some Nazi butt and this youthful desire to slay dragons bought back to life the old war horse in Ronbo, a retired Army veteran of many campaigns, who was for the dressed for the occasion in a loud Hawaii style shirt, white pants and black Nikes, so thus uniformed he marched for a moment at the front with his new battlefield allies with grey hair flying in the wind towards the surprised Nazis.

Needless to say, the presence of Ronbo and his cohort of about 50 girls and boys in black was quickly noted by the mounted police, OPD SWAT Team and various members of law enforcement present who thought he was the ancient leader of a Crusade of Children, and this idea was reenforced when he began a shout that was picked up by the Young Crusaders , "Death to the Nazis!" and other such martial verbage.

Ronbo's Sortie came to a quick end when he was detained by several mounted policemen about half way across Division Street and separated from the Children's Crusade. He was quickly herded down Church Street for an interview with an OPD sergeant. Ronbo's I.D. was checked and seeing as how he had no outstanding warrants he was released and told to go home. And he did go about two blocks towards his car down Church Street until he came to Orange Avenue looking for the gutsy little group of black dressed anarchists with the idea of having another go at the Nazis, but passing Central Blvd. and noticed that brave hearted youngsters were being arrested by the OPD and loaded into Paddy Wagons.

Ronbo then decided on a flanking movement towards the Nazis and at the next intersection where he briefly enlisted with a JDL group that was flying the Israeli flag and marching towards the OPD HQ where the Nazis were now located. The Nazis, 30 minutes behind schedule due to the brazen assault of one old man and a platoon of young anarchists began their march down Church Street with a right turn made at Paramore Street -- the heart of African-American Orlando -- much to the disgust and amazement of the residents who loudly demanded the police go away so they could lynch the Nazis.

By then Ronbo's group was one of dozens of other anti-Nazi groups and individuals that numbered in the hundreds, if not over a thousand. The Long March ended in front of the Federal Building on Hughey Avenue where the Nazis gave speeches and said "Seig Heil" to the scores of anti-Nazis and policemen. The crowd responded with "Nazis Go Home" and "F*** You" and "No Fascist USA!" Ronbo a street fighter and rabble rouser of many years experience knew this was his last chance to start another sortie against the Nazis, so he began to shout, "Death to the Nazis" and "Hang Them High!" chants that were picked up by the large emotional crowd, especially those facing Hughey and the Federal Building, the frontline where the younger and most radical stood who took encouragement from those shouting behind them and began a movement towards the Nazis, which was well recorded by the Media with literally dozens of cameras present to record what looked like for a moment like a real street battle when a fist fight broke out on the right flank.

The forward movement stopped. It was stopped by about a dozen mounted policemen. The psychological effect of stalwart men on horseback who refused to give an inch. So instead of attempting a flanking movement or forcing themselves between the horses, the leaderless mob was halted and then retreated. When Ronbo saw that the moment was passed he withdrew from the scene to fight another day.

Ronbo is at this moment typing these lines in the Orlando Public Library, not knowing if he'll be arrested when he returns home. Sorry folks no pictures. The camera bag which contained camera, notebook and tape recorder was lost at "Ronbo Sortie" somewhere near Church Street and Division. However, this event was well covered by the local Media and Ronbo did observe a UPI cameramen and reporters of various national and International Media at the scene. There should be lots of pictures. Perhaps even a few of a wild old man wearing a loud shirt yelling, "Death to the Nazis!" If you don't hear from Ronbo-- He's been busted.

Just send his bail to the Orange County Jail.

Pictures of the Nazi invasion of a peaceful Florida city:

Reprinted from:


UCF Student newspaperNeo-Nazis marchProtesters steal the show with 500 coming out against the rally February 25, 2006

By: Abe Aboraya

Groups of UCF students joined protesters Saturday against a rally held by the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group now based in Orlando, despite warnings from city officials to avoid the rally.

"There were a lot of people saying we should stay home and ignore [the NSM]," said Eric Eingold, a 20-year-old political science major and recent candidate for vice-president of the SGA. "We decided to come out and show solidarity and show that we don't stand for this happening in our community."

The Progressive Council at UCF and Campus Peace Action gathered students in front of Millican Hall before commuting to the rally. Campus Peace Action organized a car pool for UCF students wanting to go to the rally. At least 50 students took advantage of this, according to Mychel Estevez, chairperson for CPA.

Some groups protested in a different way. The Hispanic American Student Association urged its members not to attend.

"We didn't want any students to get arrested or hurt," HASA president Jennifer Padilla said. "It wasn't so much ignoring them as it was making a conscious decision not to fuel the fire."

The NSM march began in front of the Orlando Police Station headquarters, wrapped around to Parramore Avenue, and ended at George C. Young U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building. Bill White, spokesperson for the NSM, said the goal of the march was not to incite violence.

"We always hope these demonstrations are peaceful," he said.

"We are demonstrating against black criminality, and we want the blacks to know that if they don't behave in a civilized manner, we're going to go into their neighborhoods and demonstrate against them," White said. The group had fewer than 30 members marching, while protesters numbered near 500.

The NSM has chapters in Tampa, Sarasota and now in Orlando. The Orlando chapter is a recent branch-off from the Tampa chapter, according to White. The NSM has been an organization since 1974 and is "expanding to get into electoral campaigns," White said.

Black community leaders and city officials were concerned that the situation could have turned ugly. The NSM sparked a riot in Toledo, Ohio, in October 2005 that resulted in over 100 arrests. "Operation Be Cool" was enacted to prevent similar violence in Orlando.

Police kept NSM members on one side of the street and protesters on the opposite side. They used a barrier of officers in full riot gear, mounted and bicycle officers and slow-moving police cruisers to keep the protesters back. Once at the courthouse, protesters were kept behind police barriers.

Some people used airhorns to disrupt the NSM, while others used drums and chanting. The NSM speakers delivering speeches at the courthouse were inaudible because of the protesters and a lack of any sound system. Seventeen arrests were made, including one for battery on a police officer.

Protesters with Code Pink, a national women's peace organization, carried a blow-up doll in addition to traditional banners. The doll was dressed in bondage leather and had a sign that read "Hate is Bondage."

Cris Field, a member of Code Pink, said that "it's really rude to go to someone else's house and say 'I don't like you.'"

Elgin Grigley, a resident of the Parramore community, believes that the police presence was necessary to preserve peace.

"To walk right down the black neighborhood without police presence… That would've never happened," he said.

Tony Redding, a volunteer for state Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, believes that the heavy police presence was to protect the NSM from the crowd. He was also angered at the amount of officers used to do this.

"Actually I wasn't too upset until now, looking around at these few would-be baby Hitlers and all the money and resources being spent to protect these guys," Redding said. "These are our homeland terrorists right here."

Members of NSM threatened to sue the city prior to the rally because of restrictions the Orlando Police Department required of members. Restrictions included NSM members showing ID and going through metal detectors before the march. The restrictions were lifted and the suit was dropped soon after.

"I respect their right to their view," Joshua Eggnatz, a 22-year-old legal studies major and candidate for SGA president, said. "But I don't respect their views at all."

Eggnatz said that "[the police] did their job, but at times they were a little forceful with people. No physical force, but a little demeaning, but they had to… keep the peace."

Eggnatz thinks the big story is the amount of response to NSM's rally.

"It was a really good experience for UCF students to get our names out there and show that we want to be a part of this community," he said. "I think UCF students should be doing this more often."

Other protesters disagreed with the way the OPD handled the rally.

"[The police] ran my ID and asked to see my tattoos," said Jerry Tobin, a welder from Daytona.
"I'm a shady-looking character, but no moreso than anyone else around here."

Eingold didn't like the way the OPD controlled the crowd.

"Granted, I know they have to protect every citizen involved, but nobody was allowed to stay there," Eingold said. "We were always being pushed back. I didn't like that at all. They could have handled it better."

Jody and Scott of O-Rock 105.9 asked their listeners to come to the rally wearing last year's Halloween costumes. However, police were turning away people wearing anything covering their faces.

Bryan Pfeffer, a cafeteria worker at UCF's Rosen campus, came to the rally dressed as a Star Trek character. He said the reason he dressed up was "for fun, to lighten up the Nazi people. Not to get in trouble, not to act crazy." Pfeffer, who described himself as an avid O-Rock 105.9 fan, could not find anyone else in costume.

Matthew DeVlieger, a recent candidate for SGA president, felt like a hero for attending.
"We beat the Nazis. We feel like your grandfather," he said.

When the Mainstream Media (The Old Media) does not do its job, which happens quite often these days, the New Media of the Blogsphere, free lance writers and photo journalists and reporters from smaller publications step up to the plate to get the word out. The story below is written by a young reporter from a small Orlando newspaper with considerable courage by the name of James Carlson who poses as a Nazi in order to get the story from behind the lines.

White Like Me

By James Carlson

Orlando Weekly

I'm standing in front of a long rack of black boots at the American Army & Navy Store on South Orange Blossom Trail, pondering that age-old question: What should I wear to my first Nazi rally? The National Socialist Movement, one of the best-organized neo-Nazi groups in America, is set to march through Orlando's Parramore district, and I need some boots. I try on four different pairs: two old, two new. I settle on a $10 pair with scuffed toes. I pick up a $5 black T-shirt for good measure.

While the media is preparing for a feeding frenzy when the Nazis come to town, scurrying around trying to find the best angles and interviewing anyone they can find, I've decided on a different tactic. I want to watch this march from the inside. I want to hear the pep talks the Nazis give one another before facing an angry crowd 20 times larger than their own group. What will they mutter to each other as they march? What's it like on the other side of the line? There's only one way to find out. Following instructions from David Gletty, an organizer with the Orlando chapter of NSM, I show up nearly two hours early for the march Feb. 25. I told organizers I'm from Missouri (true) and that I wanted to march with them (true).

I also told them my name was Bill (not true) because I'd already been in contact with the NSM's national office and didn't think they'd let me in as a reporter. It's a bit of subterfuge, but the story warrants it. I park on Central Avenue and walk toward the meeting point, the parking lot underneath I-4, across the street from the Orlando Police Department. From 100 yards away I can already see the unmistakable image of a swastika on a poster one man is holding. It reads "White People Unite." I casually stride up to the group and lean on a minivan next to a kid with a shaved head. Not 10 seconds later, a tall man with short dark hair and wire- rimmed glasses walks up to me. "Hi, I'm Bill White," he says in a husky voice.

White is the national spokesman for NSM, and he's traveled all the way from Virginia for the rally. He's dressed in full NSM "storm trooper" regalia: black cargo pants tucked into black boots, a tan button-down shirt with a black tie and a red felt swastika band around his left arm. White thanks me for coming out and immediately walks off to take a call. I was worried that my hair was too long, but apparently my $15 surplus-store Nazi outfit is convincing enough. I introduce myself to a couple of people. Most of the Nazis milling about are from out of town. There are two burly guys from Wichita, Kan., two thin- framed friends from Tampa Bay and a carload from Savannah, Ga. There are a few marchers from Ohio, a couple from Lynchburg, Va., and one man down from Alabama. I count about 25 total waiting under I-4 to march. At least six are in "storm trooper" outfits like White's. Another quick fashion observation: long, stringy goatees are in with Nazis.

A crowd carrying anti-racist signs is starting to gather around the edge of the police perimeter. I feel the need to stay alert. Gletty steps out of an SUV and introduces himself. He's a muscled man in khakis, a polo shirt and sneakers. He's got close-cropped blond hair, but not a buzz cut. Gletty is a former professional roller derby player, which means he can kick some ass … while on skates. There's another Orlandoan – bearded and wearing sunglasses – standing next to me near the minivan. After an introduction, he points to a University of Central Florida student who's here taking photos. "She looks good," he says to me as we lean against the minivan. "Probably a Jew, though."

In the distance I hear a drumbeat and around the corner of Church Street and Garland Street come the anti-racist protesters, faces covered with handkerchiefs. They form a line across the road and march forward, holding a sign that reads "We're anti-fascists. We shoot back." They make it right up to the south entrance of the parking lot before the mounted police cut them off. White and the other storm troopers, standing in the middle of the lot, turn and bolt toward the ruckus. The police find themselves sandwiched between the racists and the anti-racists. White is screaming at the top of his lungs, "Smash the Reds! Smash the Reds! Smash the Reds!" The police push the counter-protesters back with their shields, and when some of them resist, they're taken down and handcuffed.

The rally has barely started and the scene is already chaotic. Protesters are yelling at the Nazis. One guy, introduced to me as being from the Aryan Nation group, is pumping his fist and whooping as more counter-demonstrators are arrested. Other Nazis wave their signs – "We don't have white guilt" – at the crowd of people. White is jumping up and down. "Beat those commies! Beat those fuckers! Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler!" Gletty yells to the group to watch our backs. I look over my shoulder to see a black man, who has somehow made it through the police line, walking toward the group. One young storm trooper, shaved bald, leaves this scene and sprints back to meet the intruder. The Nazi is no more than an inch from the black man's face, yelling something about "nigger" and "dirty neighborhood." Others from the group pull the Nazi away as police escort the black man back to the masses. Later the bald Nazi tells me, "I wish more niggers would have started stuff. I like to get angry."

So far, this thing is every bit as crazy as I thought it would be. The NSM is a lightning rod for hatred, on both sides of the fence. They held a rally in Toledo, Ohio, five months ago that led to riots among the counter- demonstrators. Businesses were torched and bricks were thrown at police. We haven't even started marching yet, and I'm already on edge. I look over my shoulder constantly. The police tell us we're starting early due to the disruption, and Gletty gets us formed into two lines. I'm standing behind a girl, 25 years old at most. On the back of her neck is a tattoo of an eagle clutching a swastika in its talons. "Listen up," Gletty yells over the roar of a sheriff's helicopter overhead. "This is a point in history for Orlando. Nothing like this has ever been done. Remember: Image is important. We want to stay civilized. Give these police officers the respect they deserve." Gletty knows what he's doing. From the front of the police station where we are, the growing mob is visible. We're already outnumbered, and the cops are our only protection from a sure ass-whipping. Make no mistake: Nazis may have First Amendment rights like everyone else, but their cause is not a popular one.

Gletty gives us the OK to start. The girl in front of me kisses a swastika medallion hanging around her neck, and we're off. The march down Church Street is fine. Gletty walks up and down the line telling us to stay alert. He pats me on the shoulder and says, "Good job, comrade." I feel sick. As we near Terry Street, Gletty tells us this is where the shit could hit the fan. I round the corner and there are throngs of people, white and black, lining the opposite side of the street. It's a wall of sound, mostly indiscernible, but definitely vitriolic. Some people are just observing. Others are hurling insults. "Fascist!" "Racist!" "Pig!" I look one young black man in the eye. He mouths something to me and shakes his head in disgust. I'm on the wrong side, and I know it. I remind myself that I'm here to do my job – there's no better way to catalog blind hatred and bigotry than to immerse yourself in it. As we near Washington, Gletty tells us to watch out. There are more protesters, or else the same ones are running to keep up. I hear a woman shout, "Shame on you." We pass by a few houses on our side of the street that aren't buffered by the police. Outside one stands a young black woman and a small black girl. As we pass, the angry Nazi shoves his sign in their faces and says, "Huh? How do you like that? Why don't you clean up your neighborhood?" From the crowd across the street comes an airborne stone, then another. Someone from the back of the group yells, "Rocks!" One whizzes by my head and instinctively I duck and almost trip over myself.

We make it to our destination, the federal courthouse, and it's more of the same. We're on one side. Several hundred protesters smashed against plastic barricades are on the other side. The police, decked in riot gear, stand between. Hughey Avenue is no man's land. White is still at it. He stands beside the angry Nazi, who's also lobbing racial slurs across the road, and belts out, "Nigger, go back to your ghetto! Nigger, go back to your ghetto!" He pauses to pull us all into a semicircle. Standing in the middle, he begins a fire-and-brimstone speech in an angry, dictatorial tone you don't encounter often in civilized society. His rant concerns the "commie Jews" who are steering the national crime conversation away from the facts – the facts, in his mind, being that crime is a black issue. He paces back and forth, yelling to be heard over the din of the crowd. Apparently everyone has it all backwards; these Nazis are not about hate, says White. They're about love – of your own race, that is. Look at them, says White, pointing across the road. They are the ones who hate. As he finishes the group screams, "Sieg Heil!" They hit their chests and throw out a few Nazi salutes. "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!" It's an eerie flashback to some World War II special on the History Channel.

I can't bring myself to do it and don't lift a finger. Neither does the Nazi beside me. He leans over and says, "I'm a little sieg-heiled out." A crack in the fascist armor, or a cramp in the arm? Who knows? Gletty gets in front of us and gives us another shot of anti-Semitic bile. When he ends, the group again throws out more salutes. He tells us we're about done. "Get in another two minutes of Sieg Heils, and we're out of here," he says. The police lead us down Hughey and across the street into the parking lot. I see protesters scurrying to surround the lot. The police, I'm told, will escort our convoy out of the area – which is great, only I didn't park here. What the hell am I going to do? Either I try to walk the two blocks back to my car and risk getting beaten by a gang of enraged hippies, or I go with the Nazis. Sounds like an easy choice. I squish into the back seat of a white pickup truck along with the two Tampa Bay marchers. A woman and a skinny tattooed man sit up front.

We pull out and are soon on I-4, en route to Gletty's house for some post-rally grub. The Tampa duo talks quietly between themselves. The girl up front is on the phone with someone named Lars. The driver lights up a cigarette. In five minutes we're on the 408 heading east. The driver switches the radio station, and a Slipknot song gives way to "Tripping Billies" by the Dave Matthews Band. Ten seconds pass, then 20, and the driver still hasn't changed the station. Eat, drink and be merry For tomorrow we'll die The fiddle comes in for a short solo. No one in the car says anything. Remembering once out on the beaches We wore pineapple grass bracelets The light, poppy sound of the DMB melody fills the car. The driver puffs away and the Tampa guys stare out the window. I start to hum aimlessly. You and me and all our friends Such a happy human race Nothing like a little DMB to wrap up a hate rally.

We pull up to Gletty's house and walk around back. People are sitting in a rickety wooden gazebo, some drinking Bud Light, others fruit-punch Gatorade. (It was a hard march.) Everyone's here, all 25-plus. Most who were in the storm trooper outfits have changed. Many take their shirts off right here, revealing giant swastikas tattooed on their chests. Gletty brings out a pan of chicken breasts, boiled potatoes and baked beans. I sit down and listen. The Aryan Nation guy is talking about how Nazis don't hate, they just love their own race, a virtual rehash of White's speech earlier. Everyone is jolly, and if it weren't for the swastika tattooes, this could be your neighbor's Fourth of July party. Of course the conversation is a bit surreal; topics like "Jewish conspiracies against America" are breezily discussed as if talking about yesterday's baseball scores. Which decade am I in? A heavyset Nazi with a thick beard tells me that he just doesn't support the Iraq war. Sure, he would support a military effort against a real threat, but come on, what's Iraq going to do to us? Besides, he says, there are more pressing issues here at home: lack of health care, failing schools, rising crime. "We need to focus on helping the children over here first," he says. For once I agree, though I'm guessing he's talking about helping only the white children. I walk over and scoop up a few potatoes and some baked beans (delicious, by the way).

While I'm up, I listen to a discussion going on across the gazebo. One Nazi, a former Marine, sits shirtless, showing off his swastika tattoo and his gut, talking to the Aryan Nation guy. "I consider myself a racist," says the Aryan Nation guy. "Whites are just a better bloodline than niggers." The ex-Marine has a different take. "A racist is someone who hates blacks solely because they're black. I don't hate them just because they're black. I hate them as a race because of what they do to my people." Soon the debate devolves into the same message I hear over and over again: All of our problems – crime, poverty, too much rainfall – are the result of the lax Jewish-communist government we support. And you thought the world was a complex place. We check the early news reports of the march online – coverage, a couple of Nazis opine, has been favorable so far – and I mention that I need to get back to my car downtown. Gletty hollers above the group. "Hey, guys! Guys! We've got another white brother leaving. Let's give him a good white power send-off." Like a contestant leaving American Idol, I am surrounded by people wishing me well. "White power," says one as he shakes my hand heartily. "Hail Victory!" barks another. I picture saying that to my mom the next time I get off the phone. "It was good talking to you, son. Love you." "Hail victory!" More than one person asks if I'm on Stormfront, which is apparently the coolest online forum for the Fourth Reich. The boys from Kansas invite me to stay in touch. "Maybe we could get something together," says one of them. I still hear the discussions of racism and more calls for "white power" as I make my way out of the backyard and back into the 21st century.


Nazi Invasion of Orlando, Florida

Pictures of Nazi Invasion of Orlando

MSM Hypocrisy In Coverage of Nazis


My Word

'Welcome to Orlando?!'

Allison Muller Chambers

February 28, 2006

OK, first let me state right up front that I am a firm believer in our Constitution -- our right to free speech and right to assemble.As a native and lifelong resident of Winter Park, I am proud of our community at large. I consider Central Florida sophisticated and dynamic. It's a fabulous place to live, work and raise a family. That's why I still live here. "We" -- the citizens -- are very welcoming of both tourists and new residents.

So, naturally and obviously, I chose residential real-estate sales as my profession and, therefore, consider myself somewhat of an "ambassador" of our region.However, let me do a brief replay of my Saturday.I made a quick phone call to the downtown Orlando hotel where my client was awaiting my arrival. He is an accomplished physician, from out of state, who is considering a move to the Orlando area. I apologized that I was a bit late; for some reason there were detours, barriers and police everywhere.

We met and he hopped into my car, and I promised him the grand tour. I gave him points of reference with regard to hospitals; I proudly drove him through Loch Haven Park; he was charmed by Park Avenue, our public golf course and lovely Central Park. He was "wowed" by Baldwin Park and its feeling of "community." On our way to Thornton Park, we chatted about how many cultural events and activities our area has to offer. I wanted him to see and feel that hip vibe around Central and Summerlin. The Chambers of Commerce would have been pleased.We were not too far from his hotel, so I suggested I show him Lake Eola -- you know, that great place to stroll with your dog, see an art festival, catch a Shakespeare performance in the amphitheater, participate in a charity walk or run to benefit some great cause.

Once again, I had to make my apologies as I was met with closed roads and detours. I was unable to show him our beautiful Lake Eola after all. I did, however, impress him with my circuitous route back to his hotel -- being the native, you know.We shook hands, exchanged pleasantries about the time we spent together and, as I was about to drive off, I enthusiastically encouraged him to make that short walk to Lake Eola to see what fine festival or gathering was the cause for all my traffic woes.

My cell phone rang about 30 minutes later, and it was my new client, the physician who was considering a move to join a medical practice in our area. He informed me he was told that the great event at Lake Eola was a Ku Klux Klan rally. Now I had to call him back and let him know that I believe what's really happening is a neo-Nazi white supremacists' march just a few blocks away, in the Parramore neighborhood.

Did I mention, dear reader, that my client is an African-American?

Welcome to Orlando!

Allison Muller Chambers is a real-estate agent in Winter Park.

FBI controlled fascist leader, David Gletty, at 2006 Orlando Nazi March

The major threat facing the country today is Islamic terrorism. One would think that the FBI would concentrate its resources against Islamofascists, for example, the many Hamas cells active in the USA. This was not the case last year in Orlando when an informant under the control of the FBI, David Gletty, was the leader of a Nazi march in Orlando that resulted arrests, injuries, property damage, disorders and untold millions paid by taxpayers for security efforts.


Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant

Henry Pierson Curtis Sentinel Staff Writer

February 15, 2007

A paid FBI informant was the man behind a neo-Nazi march through the streets of Parramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando's black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.

That revelation came Wednesday in an unrelated federal court hearing and has prompted outrage from black leaders, some of whom demanded an investigation into whether the February 2006 march was, itself, an event staged by law-enforcement agencies.

The FBI would not comment on what it knew about the involvement of its informant, 39-year-old David Gletty of Orlando, in the neo-Nazi event. In court Wednesday, an FBI agent said the bureau has paid its informant at least $20,000 during the past two years.

"Wow," Gletty said when reached by phone late Wednesday. "It is what it is. You were there in court. I can't really go into any detail now."

Orlando City Councilwoman Daisy Lynum, whose district includes the march route west of Interstate 4, said she wants to know who was behind the march, the neo-Nazis or the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies.

"If it was staged, I would feel very uncomfortable and would ask for a full-scale investigation," Lynum said. "To come into a predominantly black community which could have resulted in great harm to the black community? I would hate to be part of a game. It's a mockery to the community for someone else to be playing a game with the community."

Others applauded the FBI's infiltration of the neo-Nazis.

"It's one of the largest extremist groups in the country, and Gletty was one of the most visible individuals in the National Socialist Movement," said Andy Rosenkranz, state regional director for the Anti-Defamation League. "Generally, the FBI and the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) in Florida does an excellent job."

Rally puts city in spotlight

Orlando drew national attention when the city granted a permit to Gletty so a minimum of 100 white supremacists and National Socialist Movement members could march Feb. 25 through the historically black Parramore neighborhood.

Wearing swastikas and holding signs declaring "White Pride," the 22 neo-Nazis who turned out were protected from 500 counterprotesters by about 300 police officers.

Gletty's secret life became public Wednesday in a federal court hearing resulting from the arrest last week of two suspected white supremacists on charges of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine.

Last Thursday, the FBI arrested Tom Martin, 23, and John Rock, 35, after Gletty wore a wire to a meeting and agreed to help them rob a drug dealer in Casselberry, according to testimony.

Rock told Gletty in a tape-recorded conversation that he and Martin had robbed seven drug dealers by posing as law-enforcement officers, according to testimony. Martin and Rock remain held without bail in the Seminole County Jail.

Slip-up lets name out of bag

Throughout most of the hearing, Gletty was referred to as "Mr. X" or "CW" (cooperating witness). His identity was revealed when Assistant Federal Public Defender Peter W. Kenny repeatedly slipped up and mentioned Gletty's full name.

FBI agent Kevin Farrington and a federal prosecutor were clearly uncomfortable with the disclosure of the informant's name in open court.

Questioned about Gletty's role in the march, Farrington testified that "he participated in it. He did not organize it. . . . [That's] pretty good firsthand information, sir."

The city parade permit, however, lists Gletty as the "on scene event manager."

And pictures of Gletty addressing marchers sporting swastika armbands for the Orlando rally appear on a neo-Nazi Web site. Captions from other photos on the site mock the counterdemonstrators and the police presence.

On another Web site, Gletty details his role in organizing the Orlando event and hosting a victory party afterward.

"On 1/17/06 I got the permits and started the ball rolling," he writes. "On 2/25/06 at 3 pm on saturday [sic] in downtown Orlando My crew and I got it done."

In another part of the posting, he writes: "Since I was the permit holder I was the person to deal with the police and had over-all authority of the event."

No word from FBI

FBI officials did not return calls asking for specifics about the agency's relationship with Gletty. A tree-trimmer in Orlando, he withdrew from the National Socialist Movement last fall to pursue other projects, Farrington testified.

Orlando police Deputy Chief Pete Gauntlett, who supervised the march preparations, would not say what the FBI told police about Gletty and other marchers.

"We let them express their free speech and let them do what they're allowed to do, but we wanted to have control," Gauntlett said.

Bill White, a former spokesman for the National Socialist Movement who participated in the rally and now runs another neo-Nazi group, said he was surprised to hear of Gletty's involvement with the FBI. He said Gletty did a lot for the cause.

A neo-Nazi offers his take

"If he was being sponsored by the FBI, then American National Socialism has a lot to thank the FBI for," White said in an e-mail.

Lynum said that if the FBI was behind the march, she would like the agency to reimburse the city for the tens of thousands it spent to send officers -- including SWAT-team and mounted-unit members -- to police the march.

Adora Obi Nweze, president of the State Conference NAACP in Miami, said she was disturbed an informant set up the march and was working for the FBI.

"That's very troubling that somebody like that would be an informant for the FBI," she said. "You never know what they are capable of. No question, it bothers me."

But Alzo Reddick, a former state legislator who grew up in segregated Orlando, lived through KKK marches and later taught black history, said he was proud of the way the police and the community responded. He was a member of the "Be Cool" movement organized to calm the community before the march.

"I think law enforcement has to walk in some murky places to be where the bad guys are," Reddick said. "Was the FBI informant an activist or a participant? Was he the agent provocateur from the get-go? Sure, that would be part of what I'd like to know."

Rene Stutzman, Jim Leusner and Willoughby Mariano of the Sentinel staff contributed to this report. Henry Pierson Curtis can be reached at [email][/email] or 407-420-5257.

Article By David Gletty where he calls Nazi Demonstration, "My March" ---

By David Gletty

National Socialist Movement (NSM)

It started one day after my January 14, 2006 N.S.M recruitment party at my house. I decided that too many people were talking but nothing was getting done. I did not mention much of my plan to people there because I do not bullshit, I get it done then brag about it later.

On 1/17/06 I got the permits and started the ball rolling. On 2/25/06 at 3 pm on saturday in downtown Orlando My crew and I got it done. I will mention everyone there by name to the best of my knowledge. And for those of you that could have made it but did not shame on you. Everyone needs to do their part for the cause. I can say this because I have and will continue to. Nobody can question my abilities or my heart. I dare you too!!!!!!!!!

And with that said I will tell you about the hard work that goes into a Rally of this size and importance. A rally this size sets the standard for the rest of the year. Not only for N.S.M but other groups trying too keep up. Other groups are choking on N.S.M"s dust right now and want to jump on board.

So after I got the initial permits the city of Orlando wanted to put all these rules on us 12 days before the Rally. Enter Bill White. One of the many HERO'S of this story. He took control of the legal side of this deal and made the city eat crow. After flying in 8 days before the rally Bill was able to intimidate the City with his legal knowledge of the system. And in a short period of time they had to bow to Mr. White"s request. How impressive that was. You see this Rally has many victories and that was just one of them. Thank you Bill White.

The next thing to get done was to get on the ball and really hammer the protest home and let everyone know that the Rally was still on and we need your support. I must have e-mailed about 300 people that were for and against. I then was put in the newspaper 3 times. Letting all know that I was a Nazi supporter. I went on T.V 6 different times to help support that even more. I sacrificed alot for the cause. I am not afraid of this. We are at a cross-roads right now. You are either for us or against us but do not get in our way by bitching about it and not doing anything about. I am too active to have time for you.

After doing all the interviews and e-mails all I could do was wait to see who shows.

Friday night Will Johnson and his comrade arrived from Kansas at 7 p.m. I was busy cooking all the food for the victory party so they went downtown for awhile. At 9 p.m Rick Springs, the leader of Aryan Nations, was at my house . Imagine that Rick Springs at my house. What an honor. I have shown support for some of his events in the past. Shortly after that "DOC" arrived. He is a good comrade of Von Bluvens. He represents Klan. Very educated man. He is also a pastor or reverend for the church. We all had good conversation between the 3 of us. At about 10 p.m Bill White, Sgt. Drake and Wesley arrived. And then the Kansas crew arrived. We had a really good meeting for awhile. Everyone headed for the hotel after 12:30 a.m sat.

I finished cooking(slaving over a hot stove like a woman, all respects to them) the food for the party and waiting for SS Mann Martin to arrive with Gary and Jamie all the way from Ohio. All the way from Ohio just for my protest. What an honor. You see back in Dec. of 05 I drove from Orlando to Ohio for their Rally. Do you see how it works now. You show me support and I show you support and before you know it we have 10,000 soldiers standing on the steps of D.C. After We chatted a bit I gave my guest house up to Mark,Jamie and Gary and I retired to the main house.

The next morning the excitement started around 9 a.m. I made coffee as people started to arrive. If you can imagine people running around getting into uniform taking pictures giving direction and so-on.When the time got near I put Sgt. Drake in charge security and running the troops. I would have other duties to perform and would not have time for that. My hats off to him. Without him I would have had alot more responsibilities. He was great. He had everyone line up in the yard for photos. After photos I gave the few instructions that were needed. You see most White People are well disciplined and need no instructions.I would go to battle with the crew that showed up at my house.After getting ready and waitng for everyone to show it was GAME TIME. This is the battle that we long awaited for. The battle we were going into was not going to be fought with guns and knives. It was going to be fought with GUTS and HONOR and BRAVERY. We had 30 people show up for battle. The other side was so intimidated by 30 White People that they had 500 to 800 there trying to battle us. Those are good odds. Whether the ones that are against us know it or not by showing up they are suppoting us. When we draw that many against us we win. If they do not show we do not get noticed and we lose. That will never happen. After showing up in the designated rally point we were surrounded by police. We were there for about an hour and a half before marching. By us just being there waiting we had already witnessed 25 A.R.A punks getting out of control and being thrashed by the police. At that point the police told me to get everyone lined up and ready to march. Since I was the permit holder I was the person to deal with the police and had over-all authority of the event.You see the permit I had not only gave N.S.M permission to protest It also gave the Anti-protesters the right to protest us. Without that they would have been breaking the law by being there. They did not know that though.What Irony.

We started our march and headed toward the darkest parts of town. We were on one sidewalk and they were on the other with the police in the middle. They were yelling some of the ugliest things you could imagine. We were all calm, cool, and collective. We had our banners, flags and signs and were glad to be able to express our constitutional rights. As we headed on I was drifting in and out of the troops giving orders and support. Sgt. Drake was at the point leading the troops with precision and discipline. Bill White was doing his magic with the media and SS Mann Martin was supervising the over-all mission. While all of this was going on Rick Springs was marching on showing his support for us.We do need to return the favor soon. We all ran as a well oiled machine. After marching through the angry mob for 20 minutes we made it to the Federal Courthouse. While there we gave numerous salutes and chants. We were there for about 30 minutes. There was so much anger in the air that we could have ran a city on the energy put out by the people. I saw alot of hate filled people on the other side. If only they took that energy and turned it toward the issue then we would not have to ever be there again. But they would rather blame us rather than fix the problem. At this point I thought we had proven our point and getting together with SS Mann Martin and Sgt.Drake we thought it was time to give the police a break and get out of DODGE. Between us we could feel that things were on the edge of getting out of control. This was a tough decision for me because Bill White wanted to stay another 30 minutes.

I can see Bill's point also but If we had stayed things would have went bad for the police and that would have hurt the good name we are building with police forces around the country. I hope all can see that.

So I called it at that point and we were escorted back to the vehicles. Once the vehicles were loaded the police gave us a 6 car escort right out of town. From there we headed down the expressway and back to my house. The VICTORY party started. And it was a hell of a VICTORY party. All enjoyed the food, conversation and being on private property. You see on my property with the gates shut and being 300 feet from the road with no neighbors you can say and do what you want without bothering anyone. With a guard at the gate nobody gets in or out without the gate being opened. You have to like that. We all ate dinner and as it got dark we lit the fire and burned the symbol of our cause.

There was alot of activity going on at my house. I was so busy playing host that I only was able to stop and talk to people for short amounts of time. I missed out on alot of the good conversation. As the hour slowly got toward midnight people started to head back on their long journey home.

It was about 1:30 a.m sunday morning when the last person left that was not staying the night. Mark Martin, Gary, and Jamie left my house at 5:30 a.m that morning and headed back to Ohio. Doc left at 10:00 a.m and I was standing in my yard when the last person left thinking to my self "WOW". What a good job we all did pulling this thing together. My thanks to all that were involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Gletty 3/01/06

Here is the list of those that marched!!!
Bill White David Gletty
Chris Drake Todd
Wesley unknown
Mark Martin unknown
Gary Josh
Jamie Mr. Folks
Brad Doc
Brad's comrade Isis
Kevin Will
Ragnaar(not his real name) Will's comrade
Billy Chris
Rick Springs Kyle
Joe Amber
Casey Edward
Casey's girlfriend Chris

Those are the Brave men and woman that fought for you!!!
We should all thank them!!!!!

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