Monday, July 02, 2007

Frank Amodeo And Mirabilis: "The DigitEyes Corporation"

Retired Secret Service Agent And President of Stratis: Kevin Billings

DigitEyes Corporation was formed when Mirabilis bankrupted a company called Focus Solutions, Mirabilis was of course entitled to the assets because they owned primary share in the company. Once Focus Solutions was bankrupt they took the assets and opened DigitEyes Corporation. When all of the publicity about Mirabilis' legalities came to light a group of Mirabilis employees started a new holding company named Stratis Authority and took over DigitEyes Corporation along with the other companies who were under the security arm of Mirabilis Ventures. (EVEPS and Gibraltar Integrity as well) I’m not sure if there is a shown transaction for this transition but you are able to view all of these companies on the Mirabilis website archives.

Former Mirabilis Employees/Current Stratis Authority Employees

Kevin Billings-President Stratis Authority Congo Drama...Rogue Secret Service Agent

Jim Vandevere-Chairman Stratis Authority Here

Jack Walser-VP of Business Development-Stratis Authority

Joe Robinson-Unnamed Consultant-Who has since “resigned” and is now in the process of obtaining a high level position in the Orlando City Government. Listed as Chief Investigator on the Gibraltar website. Here

Being a totally separate holding company (with the same employees) Stratis was free to act as if they had no relationship with Mirabilis. If you look at the archived Mirabilis website you will see DigitEyes Corporation as one of their affiliates, much like the newly redesigned Stratis website.Here

Stratis is still making excuses to current and former employees regarding their back pay and their current payroll. All DigitEyes employees have resigned for not being paid and now Stratis is trying to keep the name alive in order to keep the high profile customers that DigitEyes Corporation has under their belt

There were a couple of reasons for their inability to make payroll. The first is that Stratis was using the same PEO as Mirabilis—Common Paymaster. Stratis then switched to Paysource, also used by Mirabilis. This of course caused a delay. In order to separate themselves from Mirabilis, Stratis sent letters to all of their employees stating that the employees would no longer be paid by Paysource but would now be paid directly by Stratis Authority. No one has been paid since the letters were issued. This is also why MDI employees were late on their March payroll. MDI is currently making their own payroll and I’m guessing that they are also paying the loyal few who are still working for Stratis Authority. The second reason they have given is that they are still trying to "get funding" for Stratis Authority's payroll and to push through the Learnsafe/Worksafe initiative. They have been saying this since they stopped paying employees three months ago.

Stratis has moved to Lake Mary in order to avoid being involved with the back money owed on the lease downtown. They have moved all of their companies to this location including DigitEyes Corporation. If you call they will answer as Stratis Authority, if you ask for DigitEyes Corporation they will state that they are DigitEyes Corporation as well and transfer you to the Stratis Authority accountant who knows absolutely nothing about security. Gordon M. Adkins was president of DigitEyes Corporation until recently. Mr. Adkins, tried his hardest to make sure his employees were taken care of but Stratis hindered him from paying the employees. It might be interesting to call Stratis (877-859-0398) and ask for Mr. Adkins just to see what their response is. I know that Mr. Adkins will have nothing to do with them at this point.

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