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Frank Amodeo And Mirabilis: "I know NOTHING! NOTHING"



Recently several of my confidential informants have expressed worry about their true identities being exposed by means of their Emails to me. I have this to say,"Don't Worry...Be Happy!" I have dumped copies of all Emails from all three of my accounts, which would include everything concerning Frank Amodeo, Kevin Billings and the Mirabilis scam, and everything sent to by me and to and from my Media contacts.

The reason I do is that the smart money says the Mirabilis scam is in its final stage of meltdown, as the last of "SS Mirabilis Pirates" are making their final deals with the Feds and the indictments are soon to be announced. I understand a big "King Rat" (not Frank Amodeo) is this very day in the office of a very Big Fed doing a deal that will get him off the sinking ship. Gee, I suppose the old axiom is correct: "There is no honor among thieves."

One of my favorite characters in comedy was the late John Banner of Vienna, Austria who played the character of Sergeant Schultz on "Hogan's Heroes" in the late 1960s and whose favorite lines were, "I know NOTHING! NOTHING" The character of Schultz was so popular because he represented the little guy trapped in a totalitarian system who wanted to survive, but not at the cost of exposure of those in active rebellion against that system in the character of Colonel Hogan and his followers. Thus Schultz by his silence became a leading member of the conspiracy against the Nazis at the P.O.W. camp.

I think of myself as a latter day Sergeant Schultz in regards to the Mirabilis scam in that a score of individuals have sent me a small mountain of information on this criminal affair asking only that their identities be protected. I have done so by the deletion of all my Emails, indeed, in addition to the purge of all my Emails on all topics, the hard drive of my computer has been replaced and the old one located now in one of Orlando's many land fills.

If in the future anyone asks me what I know about the confidential informants of Mirabilis who have contributed many articles to my Blog, I can look that person right in the eye and say in all honesty, "I know NOTHING! NOTHING!" I think Sergeant Schultz, a symbol of quiet rebellion against injustice in Hogan's Heroes, wouldn't mind me stealing his famous lines.

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1. Addition by subtraction. “Stratis” has been removed from our vocabulary, Vandevere has “resigned”. The cloud that is Amodeo and Mirabilis has evaporated. MDI wanted Learnsafe, not Stratis. Net positive. Less ammo for the ranting and raving of local yokel doom and gloomers. MDI is cleaning house. Prerequisite work to a Nortel buy out perhaps? see Cisco/Broadware

2. The Real Deal. MDI, was awarded a contract by the largest Education Service Center in Texas to provide security systems as part of their direct purchasing network which specializes in school-based solutions. An award predicated upon a comprehensive “point system” based on past performance in the government security arena, professional services capabilities, suitability and technology, pricing and other programs available to support the extensive client roster. Let me reiterate, MDI is one of only a handful of security companies good enough to be in the direct purchasing network from which clients can choose. MDI, however, stands out as a bona fide security industry leader, with awards from Frost & Sullivan and Asset protection magazine. MDI has established itself amongst federal and state government agencies, the U.S. armed forces, and homeland security. Thus, there really is no competition. What’s good for the goose…

MDI brings heavyweights like Nortel and Assa Abloy to the table. Assa Abloy already has thousands of schools on its client list and Nortel provides network and security components and exposure. MDI will get the lion share of clients. In fact, it will probably “snowball”. One school district turns to three, three to ten, ten to forty, you get the idea. Now apply the same for governments, companies and other agencies and the potential earnings are staggering.

The market is wide open, and in this case includes Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The list of end-users is equally impressive. 1,100 school districts, 225 private and charter schools, 40 colleges, 19 regional centers, 260 city and county governments and 150 state agencies, local governments and non profits.

Make no mistake, this is a deliberate and calculated joint effort from MDI, SBS, Nortel and Assa Abloy to deliver products, services and training, with diligence and purpose. And they want it done in their house, at the San Antonio Texas headquarters.

MDI has entered into a marketing contract with the States School Board Association to promote Learn Safe, as a platinum-level sponsor, in multiple conferences this year, including a special industry solutions conference matching MDI with the decision makers, school administrators, superintendents and school board officers from 50 of the largest school districts in a small personalized seminar format. Cozy. :)

Bottom line: IMHO, we should not waiver. We took another salvo today, shorts were active. Some weak hands fell, but I fault no one. It will be our turn soon. Above news should result in PR after PR, contract after contract. “This essentially allows for an unlimited number of projects for the foreseeable future” Michael Thomas, That’s great for our PPS and our piece of mind. In addition, the shorts will soon cover, and on July 24th we get Security Systems news.

MDI, I hope you are listening. Most of us still expect a “record breaking” year. Many are concerned about the implications of recent events. "Through our relationship with Stratis Authority, I believe that our model will make us the leader and de-facto standard in the educational security market within the next two years” J. Collier Sparks, MDI. While I believe we are better off today I also realize that a substantial portion of guidance was contingent on Stratis. I am confident 2007 will be a banner year regardless. But shareholders need confirmation of expected guidance, in the form of a press release. Informed investors are good for MDI. Speculation needs a rest. IMHO, it is time to clear the air.

Raging Bull

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