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On July 30th, 2010, I filed charges in Chetumal, Mexico against Jonathan Jack Keith Idema, who also goes by the name Jack Black. I have gone through hell because of this monster. But my hell is nothing compared to what he is currently doing to others in Mexico now. I told the police and other authorities what was happening they choose to ignore my charges & not reply to me because they don't care. I am too ill to go back to Mexico & pursue this. My only voice is through the media now. Someone has to stop him before he starts an AIDS epidemic in the Bacalar, Chetumal Area. One person has died on the Costera. Casablanca ( Casa Arabi) is a death trap. He was advertising for the house for gay rentals & put himself on Manhunt.Com for a time as Chetumal7.

The house of prostitution on #111 Costera Laguna in Bacalar, Mexico. It is easy to find, it's the huge white Arab house right on the Lake of 7 Colors. Just make sure you have alot of condoms and money & you will be all set. Be prepared for a night of sex & loads of drugs (cocaine & heroin especially). Jack's speciality is being on bottom & toys, so come and have fun! Also, Jack loves to video the sex so look your best!

This is beyond disgusting. He is giving out this deadly disease with hookers helping him now to any poor victim that goes near these freaks. To find out that I've been trying to get my belongings for so long, and sick here in the States thanks to Idema. And now his he/she tranny hooker is living with him. He denied all my charges & said he was negative. Also said he was a heterosexual. A complete masculine macho man. Huh!? Well, now how can that be? Can't imagine why he would be living with a tranny then. Oops, that's right, I told them in the police report he was paying the tranny for sex, having sex parties, had diseases & Idema denied it. Obviously I was telling the truth. But the police chose to ignore this. Guess they don't care about AIDS killing their Mexican people or tourists. Nancy/Yarlan has moved in. Nancy is quite attractive for a man I will say. She must be. She works the highway in Bacalar at the Pemex Gas Station & must easily do 20 truckers or so on a good night. She is originally from Belize, although she likes to lie & says she's from Egypt to her customers. And she does own at least 10 dildos that she loves to brag about. She so wants to be a woman she has been taking the steroids to make her breasts bigger & doesn't have to shave. One of her customers has died of AIDS. And Idema still denies any involvement with gays, bisexuals, etc. Yup. The diseased hooker is also wearing all my clothes around Bacalar. Also has been seen driving his black Jeep. Don't seem right to me. What a lying piece of scum. That poor guy that died of AIDS also gave the diseased tranny hooker a motor scooter awhile back to drive around Bacalar when there was a drought of customers. What is wrong with these people? How can anyone be okay with 2 people spreading this fatal disease & not care? What is wrong with the police? The chief of police in Bacalar, Caesar, is a constant visitor to CasaBlanca/Casa Arabi & one of Idema's best friends. Is he in on the action? Must be or it seems to me he would stop this. What is wrong with Jose Hadad, a supposedly decent, respectable Senator that lets them do these things in his Arab house on the Costera in Bacalar? He is supposed to be working for the Mexican people but yet he allows his people to be infected with a fatal disease in his own home?????????? Not to mention the drugs that are being used during the sex trysts. How about the Nalbufina (Bufigen) that Jack keeps getting fraudulent prescriptions for. Why doesn't Dr. Francisco Guillermo Denis stop him from doing this? He is also the doctor that diagnosed Idema, why is he not coming forward? What is wrong with this picture? Could it be like my original police report states in Mexico, that it's all about drugs, arms & money. Must be, why else would you ruin your reputation as a Senator or a Doctor or a top Police Official, unless someone has something over you? I've asked Jose Hadad repeatedly via emails & phone conversations to help me get my belongings & even told him what was going on there & sent him documented proof, but yet Hadad does nothing. Why????????? I have tried all I can so all that is left is to ask anyone who wants to help stop this madness to call the numbers below & see if perhaps you can reason with these idiots. Spreading AIDS is a crime & should not be tolerated.

Thank you to anyone that thinks this should be stopped & wants to help.

Penny Alesi

Jack Black Idema home phone 983-834-2904
cell phone 983-103-7961

Jose Hadad Senator cell phone 983-752-0207

Francisco Guillermo Denis Doctor phone 983-832-9852
at Pasteur Labortorio Clinico

Rosente Police Chief in Bacalar phone 983-101-5836

Caesar Top Police Chief in Bacalar phone 983-138-2277

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