Monday, August 17, 2009


Our Central Florida Fascist Congressman Alan Grayson has come out of hiding to hold a town hall meeting. It is set for tonight at 7:45, at a Union Hall at 820 Virginia Drive in Orlando. But be there early.

It's easy to get to. Take I-4 to Exit 85, Princeton Street. If coming from South, turn right, eastbound at exit. If coming from North, turn left under I-4 to go eastbound on Princeton.

Proceed 1/4 mile east on Princeton to first traffic light at North Orange Avenue. (Big enclosed 7-11 on Corner) Turn right to go southbound on North Orange Avenue about 1/2 to traffic light at Virginia Drive. Virginia Drive only goes to left. There is a big diner restaurant and Harmon's Photo on corner.

Turn left eastbound onto Virginia Drive. You will immedirely cross RR tracks. 820 Virginia Drive will be about 1/3 mile on left, corner of Dauphin Lane.

If you get to North Mills Ave with 7-11, Circle K and carwash on corner, you have gone 1/2 mile too far on Virginia Drive.

Get there early. If asked by union goons who or what you support, say you are undecided.

I will try to get an FR banner or sign past the union gooms. Watch for it. Wear an FR label once you get into place with friends.

Bring signs, (no sticks) little airhorns, whistles, cameras, flags. Fight you way to the front and get into groups. Be ready to support each other. Wear bright colors, as much red white and blue as possible. Be sober!

Be polite when Grayson starts to speak. Let him thank us for being there, As soon as he gets into lying about how good Obamacare is, whoop it up.

When one of our prople speaks, keep everyone quiet. Get to microphones. I will try to bring a portable PA.

If someone attacks one of our people, defend them, get the cops involved asap, press charges.

Be polite to news media. Have a few smart sound bites ready. Things like "Ms Pelosi calls us an angry mob of criminals. We actually are group of Americans that have simply taken enough bad government and opprssive laws and we won't take it or their lies any more!"

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