Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Central Florida Revolts Against Congressman Grayson And President Obama

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- The debate over health care reform got rowdy again Tuesday, this time in Brevard County. The legislation in front of Congress right now has led to a lot of angry debates across the country.

Tuesday, the AARP tried to answer questions from some angry residents there. They all came here to be heard and, with no other public forum offered by congressional leaders in Brevard County, they turned to the AARP to demand answers.

"Why wouldn't AARP insist the government fix Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security before we discuss anything?" one attendee asked.

More than 300 Brevard County residents packed the Senior Resource Center in Viera. A resounding majority of them told the AARP they did not want the so-called "public option," where the federal government provides an insurance plan to compete with the private sector.

Many fear companies will drop private insurance and force them into the government plan and one senior wanted to know why the AARP hasn't publicly opposed it.

"I want to know why you have not done that. I resent that you have not done that," one senior said.

When one woman stood up to say she endorsed a plan that would provide health care for everyone she was heckled and called a communist.

"I want universal health care for everyone in this room," the woman said before being met with angry response.

Florida's head of the AARP said the group has not endorsed any health care proposal and is only lobbying for specific areas of health care reform and said she would take what they heard at the meeting to their lobbyists in Washington.

People at the meeting, though, were very skeptical. Not only did many of them say they don't trust the government, they questioned the AARP's association with unions and whether they were looking out for the interest of their own insurance arm rather than their membership.

Meanwhile in Orange County Democrat Congressman Grayson is called anti-American scum

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