Sunday, July 09, 2017


The man you wanted to never hear about again is back in the news…In Mexico. He is the late Jack Idema who died in 2012, the infamous “Rambo” of southern Mexico and American traitor, whose lasting claim to infamy south of the border is being “Patient Zero” in the massive AIDS epidemic that is sweeping that part of the country. The Mexicans in this region are said to be very upset because Idema was an illegal alien in their country, who was hiding from justice in the United States for his many war crimes and treason in Afghanistan. Hence, this particular outbreak of a terrible disease caused by Idema in drug fueled homosexual orgies where locals were raped in his "Casa Arabi" residence was totally unnecessary. It appears Mexico is having problems with open borders, where criminals on the run hide out and cause the host country massive problems, as happens in the United States with Mexican criminals on the run from their law enforcement. I have posted below scenes from a never released Idema propaganda movie that came my way from a mysterious source on DVD. The quality of the DVD was terrible, but from these surviving scenes you can see a pathetic attempt by a raving psychopath and traitor to rewrite the history of the ongoing war in Afghanistan with Jack Idema as the "Rambo" - the one man army - who would have saved the day had he not been "betrayed" by the USA and Afghanistan governments for running a private prison and torture chamber in downtown Kabul.

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