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By Penny Alesi

This Saturday is World AIDS Day. In my opinion, a very good reason to publish Jack Idema's death certificate. This should be a painful reminder to everyone that AIDS is fatal, and to practice safe sex. In the United States, even if a person dies of an opportunistic infection as a result of being infected with AIDS, the cause of death typically will not say that. The cause of death will usually be complications due to pneumonia, undisclosed illness, or coronary related. 
Jack Idema decided in his sick, convoluted, twisted mind to take as many people he could with him while he was ill. I am HIV positive because of my stupidity and Idema's selfishness. I really thought I was ready to put all this behind me when Jack Idema died this past January. 
Sadly, this is not so. Recently, I have come upon information that unfortunately, for me and others, is quite tragic. I won't even begin to speculate how many more people this is also a tragedy for. When I told the individuals that I know he infected along with me; their reaction was disbelief, grief, and anger. 
I had always been under the impression that he had acquired HIV/AIDS in Mexico. To say that I am pissed is an understatement. I cannot fathom any reason that anyone could do this. Believe me when I say any precious moments that he & I shared that were good; have all been eradicated because of this new information. I am past mad and past shocked. Just as I thought I had a new start, again I have had the rug pulled out from underneath me. I now know that he had been positive since 2004. 
I can't say it enough to everyone----------use a CONDOM! One indiscretion can cause death. Just as I thought I had a new start, again I have had the rug pulled out from underneath me. He had told several people before he died that he, and members of Task Force Saber 7, were sodomized and beaten repeatedly upon their arrest in Kabul, Afghanistan on July 5, 2004. They were infected with HIV and other STD's at that time. 
The State Department confirms this as well. This is another reason that he turned traitor because he was willing to do anything to stop the torture. His explanation was that no matter what your sexual preference is, when it is against your will it is rape. 
Obviously, I was very troubled by this revelation for many reasons. I had a relationship with this man and he never told me, yet he knew the whole time. As did other individuals, involved with the whole Afghanistan drama, who I shall not name. My fault was not protecting myself in the beginning and believing him. And he was raped and suffered major pain, yet when he raped me and I filed charges that should have been a whole different scenario. It wasn't. 
I did tell everyone to get tested because of the activities that were taking place while I was and wasn't there. So he was HIV positive in 2004, and had a car accident on September 17, 2009, which put his immune system in full blown AIDS. In my mind, the numbers never added up properly and it always bugged me. I wanted answers but now that I have them, well, let's just say be careful of what you wish for. Hopefully, this will prove to everyone that he did, indeed, die of AIDS. The cause of death says Síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida (SI DA), which means AIDS in Spanish. 
 ....Also, now that he has passed and no one is afraid of being sued or killed, people are coming out to relieve their consciences and get rid of their guilt regarding his last few months on earth. It seems that he & his beard, Elaine Roach, as well as some male guests, still were living large with the drugs. So large, that a month before he passed, the drug dealers wanted their money and were sick of waiting on it. Elaine decided to give away the decrepit jeep and a small jet ski boat to the dealers to keep them away till she could escape to Canada. She also sold two of his swords to get money to get a cab and a one way ticket out of Mexico. Elaine Roach bolted from CasaArabi/CasaBlanca on Friday January 6, 2012. 
An anonymous source who helped Elaine get her belongings out, says that she was so disgusted with Jack's lies, that she poured out all the clean water, threw out what little food was left and grabbed a small pouch of coke for the ride to the airport. The next day, Jack hobbled over to a neighbor's house, using a broomstick for a crutch, begging for water. The neighbor gave him some and said he looked like he was about to die right then and there. She said he was talking about how he thought he had swine flu and all he needed was a good antibiotic and he'd be fine. 
Jack was so weak by then and had ADC (AIDS dementia complex). He saw a doctor in Chetumal in early Dec. 2011, who told him that he had little time left and if there was any possible way at all, he should go back to the States to try to get some kind of relief. His answer to the doctor was that he didn't have a cent to his name and if he did, he was not going to risk the journey because he was going to wind up in jail. He gave up his citizenship and there was no free medical care for him because he was never a recognized member of any American armed forces. 
The death certificate says Idema died on Saturday January 21. I don't believe that to be the truth. Sources have told me that by the time the police went to CasaArabi, his body was showing significant decomposition. The odor was overwhelming, his skin was decaying and was a greenish/gray color. His face and body bloated, and the flies were everywhere, with maggots around his track marks. The last time he was seen on Skype was Monday January 16. I called him Friday January 20 and the phone just rang. 
Eyewitnesses tell me he was dead before Saturday January 21. The house was looted while he was dying because he was too weak to stop them. Elaine had also allowed Nina & Tinka to be taken. As I have written before, I spoke with Jack on Tuesday January 10. Obviously, I did not know all I know now. I still would have helped get Nina & Tinka to safety with Elena and David, but I would not have been so kind to him on the phone. No matter how many times I mull it over, I cannot excuse what he did to me and others. He KNEW he was positive but didn't care. He spread this virus to I couldn't even begin to imagine how many men and women. Knowingly and intentionally. And the fact that he was infected years earlier, makes it even more devastating.
How many others were infected in Dubai and England (his 2 stops before Mexico)? And what about those who knew when he was released from Polacharki? How come they never said anything? In my mind, that makes them as guilty as him. The charges that I filed on July 30, 2010, were swept under the carpet. He got away with what he did to me. I said then he was infecting men and women, and no one took it seriously. Well, what about now? Doesn't say a whole lot about my government or the Mexican government. Especially my government who knew he was infected and didn't bother to extradite him here to face charges of what he did to me. 
The Mexican government is just as bad, when you consider the fact that he was in Mexico illegally, dealing drugs and arms, and infecting their people with a bunch of fatal viruses. Did they think he was just not worth the effort or was it that all of us that he infected was not worth the effort? I would love to have someone answer that question for me. Especially now. The death certificate proves it. 
Wonder what the Idema Fan Club groupies think of this. I already know what one of Idema's lawyers think, but I am curious about the others. The real shysters that stuck with Jack through thick and thin until the heat came down on them. 
Anyway, that is all for the next installment, which is the going to be the final one for me. I apologize in advance to anyone who might think this is an irrelevant story. 
Please understand that in this world of reality TV which seems to grab everyone's attention, I feel this is an important reality story that needs to be told. I cannot say it enough------everyone use a condom! AIDS does not discriminate. Homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, transgender, young, old, white, black, hispanic, male, female------------doesn't matter. HIV/AIDS loves everyone! 
One indiscretion can kill you. Perhaps, I can help someone not get this virus. I can't begin to ever tell anyone what this disease does to you. Medically, of course, but other areas in your life you can never get back. There is no remission, only a complete change of life. How it affects everyone close to you, and how the stigma that is attached never goes away.

This was the boat that Elaine gave to drug dealers in exchange for money owed while Jack lay dying

August 2011 CasaArabi

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