Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Frank Amodeo & Mirabilis: Businessman Frank Amodeo To Be Monitored Until Trial

Businessman Frank Amodeo to be monitored until trial
Rene Stutzman
Sentinel Staff Writer
September 3, 2008

Businessman Frank Amodeo surrendered to federal authorities Tuesday, and a judge ordered him released on $500,000 bond. Amodeo, 48, former head of Mirabilis Ventures Inc., was indicted by a federal grand jury last month, accused of failing to pay $182 million in payroll taxes. If the allegations are true, he is one of the biggest payroll-tax cheats in Internal Revenue Service history. Amodeo is to enter a plea Monday. Tuesday morning, he surrendered at the federal building in downtown Orlando. Tuesday afternoon, he made his first appearance before U.S. Magistrate Gregory J. Kelly. Assistant U.S. Attorney I. Randall Gold and defense attorney Harrison "Butch" Slaughter Jr. both recommended that Amodeo be released on $500,000 bond. Amodeo will be monitored by satellite, but during the next two or three days, until authorities can get him fitted, he is to live with his ailing 68-year-old father, who took out a $500,000 mortgage on his Orlando home to secure the bail bond. Once satellite monitoring begins, Amodeo is to live at his own Orlando home, Gold said. The government alleges that several payroll service companies that were subsidiaries of Mirabilis failed to forward tax withholdings to the IRS.

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