Monday, June 25, 2007

Frank Amodeo and Mirabilis: "The Stratis and MDI Connection"

Frank Amodeo ties to Stratis Authority and MDI, Inc. (Nasdaq: Mdii) appears likely at this point.

The fact that Stratis Authority has “supposedly” moved according to Stratis website, Stratis website is probably the result of Citronresearch dot com report that exposed the likely ties to Frank Amodeo and Stratis Authority.

You can run, but you can’t hide because: Stratis confirmed to me back in April that Frank Amodeo was just one floor above them at AQMI on the 28th floor and Stratis was on the 27th floor.

Note that the Orlando Sentinel article stated the “back rent” was owed for the 27th and 28th floor. This makes it more obvious that Stratis and Mirabilis are one.

Stratis Authority website comparisons April vs. June 21:

Learnsafe Dot Org April address:

Contact Us
Stratis Authority Inc.
200 South Orange Avenue
Suite 2700
Orlando, Florida 32801

866-423-1740 office
407-454-6748 fax

Learnsafe Dot Org Address today:

Stratis Authority Inc.
300 Primera Boulevard
Suite 164
Lake Mary, Florida 32746

866-423-1740 office
407-805-0338 fax

SunTrust Center: 200 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida ... SunTrust Center, Orlando, United States: Orlando's skyline had a signature building, this would be it. Done up in contemporary southern-US beige....

Firm tied to Amodeo sued for back rent

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