Wednesday, May 13, 2015


When Penny Alesi quick-deeded the building on 450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina to William Hagler, is was the beginning of a drama that continues today. Penny never wanted it to get so out of hand and tried all she could do to avoid this. When she had gotten back from Mexico in August of2010, she requested her belongings, her Mexican cat, and her credit card debt paid as promised by Jack Idema. She filed charges against him on July 30, 2010, as has been stated & shown before. All of this fallout with the building was utterly ridiculous and never would have happened if Idema & his lawyers, one in specific, weren't so corrupt & blinded by greed. But no, they thought Penny was stupid & they knew she was sick, so they hoped she would either be too afraid or too sick to confront them. Listed are the sworn Affidavits filed November 3,2010, ofLynn E. Thomas & John Edwards Tiffany, regarding the suit over the building in Fayetteville & William Hagler. Tiffany was Idema's lawyer from the Afghanistan days & a long-time associate. Tiffany also has ties to another Idema issue, the death of Rita Gray, which will be addressed in the near future. Tiffany & his cousin lawyer, Vallerie Magory, also headed the team with William London regarding the H. J. Idema Trust.

What Thomas & Tiffany wrote is quite interesting in regards to Penny. Yes, Tiffany knew her. He met her at the H. John Idema's wake. He also saw her while he was in Mexico during the STAR meetings. He knew her well. He knew her name was being put on everything & wasn't telling her, just like William London. He was also the first to congratulate Penny on the phone, regarding her marriage to Jack. Tiffany had an easy job being Idema's lawyer. Jack would write up the whole case & all Tiffany needed to do was copy everything, sign & submit. His letterhead was everything to Jack. That is how Idema could sue everyone. Penny has documentation of the paperwork being sent to "Kinko's" (all charged to her American Express card) & all prepared so that Tiffany could just pick it up & submit the documents to the courthouse.

Lynn states in her affidavit that she was being stalked. She has pulled this act before & was well versed in pretending like she was the victim. The fact is that Penny was the victim & being harassed, stalked & intimidated. Lynn had already posted slander about Penny on her blog that caused great damage to Penny & her family. Exposing a person's HIV status on the Internet is a hate crime. Pure and simple. Lynn, who is such a dedicated Christian woman who believes in the Bible and everything it stands for, is the biggest hypocrite there is.

Here is an excerpt from "The Stupor Patriots" from April 2006:

"Well lets see here ... Now here is proof of a conspiracy. Lynn Thomas has admitted here that she has been in contact with Jackbo's lawyers. That through Jackbo's lawyers she posted a partial deposition that was under a Court Order of Protection.

Got to love this Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas! She has been receiving threats .............................................................. LOL!

Sick girl Lynn you really need help!"

More from "The Stupor Patriots" on October 2006:

"So Thomas attacks forgetting all about the FACT that Jackbo has had many opportunities to prove his case in court and every time he sued one of the people Thomas continues to wrongly defame he has not just lost in court but ended up being sanctioned and owing the defendants money. Of course Thomas reports on all that? Well of course not! Every time Jackbo has gotten his ass handed to him Thomas rails against the truth and attacks or threatens the person who was wronged. Just like the threat of calling the FBI. LOL! Calling the FBI! LOL! Lynn Thomas is going to call the FBI! Ok, here is the jist of the conversation between Thomas and the FBI."

"Thomas just plainly for what ever demented reason refuses to acknowledge the truth and this includes emails and statements from Jackbo's old Commanding Officer and Green Beret Billy Waugh. But note that Thomas only attacks a selected group of people. You have to ask why? Why not bring to light that Jackbo's old Commanding Officer wrote personally to Thomas and Thomas even refused to answer or post his email. Also note that Thomas has not even mentioned the fact that Billy Waugh slammed the door on Jackbo's private prison. She forgets that 98% of Jackbo's claims have been exposed as BULLSHIT! His military record, how and why he entered Afghanistan, and even the FRAUD Jackbo committed playing US Military covert terrorist hunter killer. But none of this sinks into Thomas lying brain. Yes she is a very sick and demented woman."

More proof of what Jack Idema, Lynn Thomas & the rest of the disciples do to destroy others' lives.

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