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Jack Idema is nearing the end of his epic run of destruction that have left in his wake dead bodies and the broken lives of countless victims. The least fortunate of these his victims are dying slow and painful deaths from the horrible disease of AIDS. This is tantamount to a death sentence Idema knowingly and willing gave to numerous innocent people.

The Roman circus days of endless Idema litigation are nearing an end as well. The main reason is lack of funds, as his once vast financial resources are almost spent to the last dollar. Idema now operates in an environment where many millions of people the all over the world know of his infamy and will not do business with him. Still others have joined together into an informal alliance named the "Enemies of Idema" (EOI) who document his crimes and alert law enforcement on Idema's activities that are updated weekly. However, there are indications that the EOI have done more than documentation and reporting criminal activities.
The number of the EOIs are large and growing daily, an international cast of Freedom Fighters who have decided enough is enough, and that Idema's command must be terminated with extreme prejudice. It is hoped this can happen by means of the legal system in either Mexico or the United States. In the event the authorities cannot or will not move against Idema, the way is clear for the ancient "law of the vendetta" to avenge his many victims.

Idema thinks he is protected in Mexico by his "Amparo" that allegedly puts him off limits from legal sanction, and his "friendship" with a corrupt Islamist Mexican Senator. The major problem here is that such protection and friendship in the anarchy that is Mexico can only be purchased at a high price for a limited time. When the money runs out, so too does the protection and the friend.

The Plan B is the "Idema Fortress" at Bacalur, Mexico that is defended by the best in electronic security systems backed up by the deadly firepower of numerous fully automatic AK-47 assault rifles. But on closer examination, the "Idema Castle" is not very secure from assault. The major weakness is the lagoon, where an assault team could easily gain access at night and enter the compound in minutes. Another weakness of the Idema home defense Plan B is the fact that the layout of compound is well known to numerous people.

When briefed on the Idema "Last Stand" defense plans, a confidential source in the U.S. Navy SEALS told this writer, "It would take a SEAL Team fifteen minutes to either arrest or kill Idema - and 14 of those minutes spent laughing at his pathetic home defense." When asked if the U.S. Government had plans to assault Idema's compound, the SEAL smiled and said, "I cannot confirm or deny the SEALs have orders from the president to take down Idema, but I will say there would be no lack of volunteers for such a mission, so hated is Idema by the special forces community for his treason in Afghanistan."

Since anyone anywhere in the world who wants Idema arrested or dead can easily discover the layout, location and weakness of his Mexican hideout and defense plans, his only real defense is the loaded pistol and attack dog he keeps at his side 24/7. One wonders how well Idema sleeps at night in a part of the world where people are often murdered for the shoes on their feet, not to mention that Roman legion of EOI earned by Idema in a life of crime, each of whom would be proud to be known as, "The Man Who Shot Jack Idema" and collect "The Idema Bounty" of book deals and movie rights based on this highly patriotic act of justice.

A brief review of the recent EOI attempts to bring "The Super Patriot" to justice should begin with the "Idema Accident" of September, 2009, which may have been an assassination attempt. In any event, Idema was nearly killed and spent many weeks in painful recovery in a dirty Third World hospital. As is well known, the best way to murder someone is by making it look like the result of being in the wrong place at the right time. One wonder if the Idema's Christmas morning of 2011 will have fatal results by him being on the receiving end of that extra special Christmas gift under the tree for a "good little boy" from the EOI of a well aimed 5.56mm hollow point round to the head?

The alleged EOI assassination wounded the wolf, but failed to put him out of action. One would have thought Third World Mexican Medicine that has a long track record of killing otherwise healthy American in border towns, who shop a deal for oral surgery and die in the dentist chair. The only upside is the cheap Mexican funeral for $49.95 that includes professional mourners at no additional charge! The only reason why the EOI think Idema survived his rendezvous with certain Mexican Medicine Gringo Death was due to the fact that he was drug addicted and full of HIV infection. This latest EOI Idema Theory, set to print here for the first time, holds that an internal bodily civil war death game where the worst injury/disease got the honor of the kill ended in a draw - So Idema survived a car accident that would have easily killed a younger and more healthy man.

The EOI avenger shadow warriors, if they exist, would have the training and experience to cause a fatal accident anywhere in the world at anytime day or night are very bad news for Idema. But not to be forgotten are the vast resources and agencies of Big Government Homeland Security: FBI, ATF, CIA, State Department and Secret Service all have very good reasons to arrest, or terminate with extreme prejudice, Idema. The only thing needed for their respective teams of special operators to swing into action and make it happen is a "Finding" from President Obama.
The chief executive officer of our republic is a hardcore socialist leader who has ordered the assassination of at least one American citizen, so perhaps Comrade Obama will order Idema "to be taken out" for a "bump" upward in his approval polls? After all, if Idema is arrested and hauled before a federal court, he will quickly turn the august federal courtroom into an Abbie Hoffman style "Chicago 7" farce with himself in the role of the "Super Patriot" the mean old traitor Obama wants to "Get" for serving his country in Afghanistan and Mexico. Thus the federal authorities may see the fast track for terrorist career ending, "killed by officers of the law while reaching for his AK-47 a.k.a Osama bin Laden" would be the best final solution of the "Idema Problem."

There is another serious problem with federal prosecution of Idema - namely, what do you do with him afterward? As is well known from past experience, putting Idema in any prison is like holding a wolf by the ears.

When imprisoned for three years in the U.S. federal BOP in 1994 to 1997, Idema quickly maneuvered his way into one of the most liberal penal institutions in the country, FCI Butner in North Carolina, the federal showcase institution where high roller prisoners like Idema were allowed the free run of the institution in street clothes, after "chilling out" in their Holiday Inn style private rooms at the Maryland Unit with half bath, executive desk and electric typewriter. Based on this experience, in Afghanistan's infamous Polacharki prison from 2004 to 2007, Idema felt free to upgrade himself (on the frequent prisoner Visa card bonus points, no doubt) to a Hilton style suite of rooms complete with private room, personal secretary, personal computer and Internet access via satellite communication where he made electronic warfare on the world.

In the late spring 2007 - no doubt as a result of an unstated "Gentleman's Agreement" between Idema, the American State Department and the Government of Afghanistan - the self styled "Super Patriot" was FORCED to leave his "Asian Hilton" with its ever popular Thursday night homosexual orgy that Idema always attended, inexpensive drugs and high speed Internet connection. Of course, the mentally challenged fans of "Super Patriot" blog were most disappointed to miss the latest chapter of Jack Idema's alleged "Hunt For Bin Laden" and rants at what the cruel world that had done to JACK OF AFGHANISTAN for small crimes like treason, murder, torture, kidnapping, death threats and fraud.

While the many psycho friends of Idema were teary eyed and lost when their hero dropped out of sight for many months in 2007, the EOI, who were responsible for his arrest and imprisonment in Afghanistan, were busy searching for him. It would appear "Super Patriot" Idema had turned "Super Traitor" for certain plutocrat Persian Gulf Arabs for insider information on the war being waged against Islamists in Afghanistan. Also, the endless hours of Idema filmed video sold to them a very reasonable price on his private torture prison quickly became you tube favorites for Islamists and Socialists! Finally, there was the famous 2004 conversion to Islam by Idema, where he kissed The Koran on video before a packed Afghan courtroom and said, "I am a Muslim." Thus he became the humble follower of the psychopathic Prophet Mohammad, whose resume in many ways parallels that of Idema.

Then came the news flash - Idema had surfaced in Mexico! The reason? He faced immediate arrest if he attempted to enter America by way of a sealed indictment. It would appear someone in the U.S. Homeland Security had read, "The Man Without A Country," where the protagonist, a traitor in the employment of Aaron Burr, curses the United States of America at his trial and tells the judge, "I hope to never hear of the USA again!" They say be careful what you pray for, so the judge grants his request and for the rest of his life the protagonist is a prisoner on American warships on the high seas where the officers and crew are forbidden to tell him anything about America. When the warship is to return to home port in the States, the prisoner is placed on an outward bound American warship. This goes on for decades. The prisoner finally dies an old man and patriot leaving behind a pathetic journal read by his last captain and his crude hand made American flag.

Where to go in the world when a very big "Idema Not Welcome" sign is placed on the front door to the USA? "The Super Traitor" winged to Mexico, a popular destination for Islamists and Communists with serious bribe money. Mexico, for those of you living in Rio Linda and ignorant of history, is where Lenin's pal Trotsky met his end with the old Stalinist-ax-to-the-head-routine. This fact was well known to the EOI and flashed in several heads, who made serious inquiries on Craig's List for "Paladin: Have Gun Will Travel" types, especially in Mexico, were anyone can be killed at reduced rates by the Mexican drug cartels with American supplied Obama Regime M-4 fully automatic assault rifles.

Alas, Idema quickly became a steady customer of the drug dealers, but told the EOI to keep checking back from time to time, as their customers often became worth more dead than alive. If this happened they informed the EOI to be more than happy to "off" Idema, along with the corrupt Leftist city administration of the nearest Mexican town at no additional charge - Say what you will about the Mexican drug rings, but they are good businessmen!

One wonder if they'd be interested in "wet" business north of the border in American cities, especially in West Coast cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, where the banning of plastic grocery bags by Big City Reds have pushed patriots over the edge into bloody revolution?

Idema still lives in 2011, albeit, in a pest hole in Mexico where the water is not safe to drink and the electric is on twelve hours per day. The upside is that he can stay AIDS thin and not very happy to his dying day in the Republic of Mexico, where the likes of Castro, Che and Trotsky had fun in the southern sun in previous decades. The downside is that the Mexicans have a bad habit of killing their former guests, especially the hated Yankee, once their money runs out. And El Jacko must be running short on the dinero as one con after another is destroyed by his EOI.

One wonders if the Mexicans gave charity to a poor, homeless gringo con man down on his luck? The Humphrey Bogart character proved they didn't in "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" when he was murder by "Gold Tooth" the Mexican bandit.



*The Lawyers, Judges and Defendants that he dragged through his court dramas. These members of the Court system are exhausted by his frivolous cases performed by his minion lawyers. The jig is up and Idema can no longer get away with writing up his own cases, filing them with the pass code electronically and having them printed. All the lawyers had to do was pick them up, file, serve and appear if necessary. And the Defendants still owed money from his stupid litigation antics are extremely upset because they all knew what was going on from the start.

Idema claims to have won these cases but the reality is he's lost all except four, and still owes money to the victims he kept in court for sport.
There is the new crop of people pissed off that Idema had the nerve to replace his name over Robin Moore's on "The Hunt for Bin Laden" book, and then sell it on Kindle. Robin Moore is deceased; an easy target for Idema. The lies that Idema fed Robin Moore were the reason this book was pulled off the shelves. Idema stoked the money from two of the charities listed in the back of the nonfiction fictional novel. When Robin Moore finally learned of Idema's evil ways, he immediately ended all relationship with Idema.

*The Mexicans who worked for Idema at his Casa Arabi fortress and homosexual orgy center have "demands" on him for back pay that he has never paid. They are also said to be very unhappy with their slavish treatment when they did worked for him. In the words of one former Mexican worker, "Idema was pharaoh and we were his Hebrew slaves."
*The residents of Bacalar, Mexico where is Idema currently residing. They are upset over the shame he has brought upon "Pueblo Magico" that has hurt their tourism and idema's constant rants about the lack of public services have them fed up.

*The honest and patriotic members of the Mexican Army and Mexican Government who believe what Idema is a national security and want him gone. He is in Mexico illegally, and the government has their own problems with illegal aliens from Central America and certainly do not need a psychopath American among their people.

*The Clinica Carranza in Chetumal, which still hasn't received a cent from Idema they for saving his worthless life in the aftermath of the alleged EOI assassination attempt by car in 2009. The Chetumal and Bacalar Police Departments who are tired of all the bad publicity he brought with him. They are aware Ms. Alesi still has the charges pending against Idema for the crimes he committed against her, but cannot move against him for political reasons.

*The police in North Carolina and New York state that were duped by Idema.
Family members and friends of his deceased Father, H J Idema.

Jack Idema disgraced his Father's legacy. He even made it impossible at first to even give the man a decent funeral. Idema left him on ice for two months while he was trying to figure out the best way to get the old man's money. When Idema was finally ready for the coup against his late father (all the assets were accounted for and hidden), he scheduled the memorial. During this two month period, Idema never came to pay his final respects to his dead father. It has now come to light that back in August 2008, Idema had set up a plan to have his Father beat up in his own home and make it look like a home invasion. This dastardly deed was done by thugs hired by Idema, who harassed the local police in New York state in a vain attempt to hide his involvement. Idema didn't expect his father to survive the assassination attempt, but when he did, the police were able to piece together the real deal from his testimony. When his Idema's father did eventually died from his wounds and natural causes, Idema made up a fraudulent will in conspiracy with his corrupt lawyers to have instant access to the assets without any of his creditors being paid to them what was due.

*The reporters and journalists that fell for Idema's bullshit in Afghanistan during 2001 to 2004 and ended up losing their jobs, homes, careers because of his lies.

*The coutless people who are now getting sick from AIDS that Idema knowingly and willing infected them. The gay community in Chetumal/Bacalar know about Idema and his homosexual partner Nancy intentionally infecting them.

*The many victims of Idema Internet crime like domain holder Tom B. who was registered under "Go Daddy." Tom parted ways with Idema in 2006, when he became convinced that he was pure evil and asked him to remove his name from all of Idema's criminal activities. This never happened and Idema used Tom's name as domain owner for the SAAC and Counter-Terrorism Group and Super Patriots websites. In addition, Idema continues to use Tom's signature without his permission by means of computer imaging.
Idema, in order to hide his criminal projects on the Internet, has also used the name of "Michael Versace" - it is not known by the EOI at this point whether or not this is a fictional person created by Idema, or a real person he has co-opted for his own purpose.

The "Versace" persona has been used mostly for homosexual activities when Idema advertised on the Internet a Domegos, Oceans 7 Mexico, Oceans 11 Mexico, and Manhunt under user name "Chetumal 7."



How will it end for Idema: will he receive his execution from his many enemies, or die of natural causes by way of the deadly HIV literally eating him alive? This writer cannot help but think of the movie "Murder On The Orient Express" where all the suspects took part in the murder of a very bad man, quite deserving of his untimely end. Hence, some sunny morning in Mexico when the cold body of Idema is discovered, the police will have a list of suspects from countries all over the world who wanted Idema dead.



SOURCE: CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS - This journalist claims press protection under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and will not disclose his sources at their request.

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