Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Victim of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) died at his home in Bacalar, Jonathan Keith "Jack" Idema, a former Green Beret United States Army and bounty hunter, who in August 2010 was denounced by domestic violence, rape, unlawful personal freedom and danger to the health of people, to the detriment of his then girlfriend Penny Alesi, in addition to outstanding accounts in your country for fraud. The death of this person was reported to the emergency number 066, because their friends and family stopped frequenting.
Diddi Felipe Vazquez Mendez, director general of Public Security and Traffic in the town of Bacalar, said the report was made through the 066 emergency number, which reported that the body of former U.S. military and bounty hunter was inert in its dwelling in the land 509 of the Costera Avenue in that city.
He mentioned the police chief who knew that Jonathan Keith "Jack" Idema was terminally suffering from AIDS, as reported to the U.S. Embassy of the death of this person, who had no close relatives and friends ceased to haunt him.
He noted that the death of the U.S. took over the prosecutor's Jurisdiction and judicial police Bacalar, that at the end of its proceedings moved the body of "Jack" at the amphitheater of the Forensic Medical Service Chetumal, pending your body be claimed by the U.S. Embassy or a family member.
It should be noted that in early August 2010, Jonathan Keith "Jack" Idema, was reported to the social representative of domestic violence, rape, deprivation of personal liberty and danger to the health of people, because of the investigations carried out Judicial Police, it appears that the defendant apparently carries the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and spread to his girlfriend at the time, Penny Alesio, who sued him.
Penny Alesio, after these events, was required by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, which is why he immediately returned home, but prior to this in his ministerial statement said that "Jack" kept deprived of their liberty for several days at his home in Bacalar, where he forced her to have sex with him.
The link "Jack" has with the Judicial Police who investigated the complaint following the woman was referring to the holidays of a sexual nature performed within the property number 509, on Avenue Costera de Bacalar, and crimes against health and safety of people, because apparently this guy had AIDS.
In early October 2010, the Green Beret and former bounty hunter charged with deprivation of their freedom to an American, was summoned to appear and testify before the prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction of Bacalar, but are not presented because apparently "Jack" and allegedly left his residence in Belize took refuge with the help of a woman identified as Lynn Thomas, originally from Chicago, who owns property in the Caribbean country.
In addition, "Jack" was accused in his country of origin of multiple counts of fraud, and was wanted for a private investigator named Bill Hagler, because he cheated a little over $ 100 000.
In Bacalar, Jack owned company Blue Lagoon boat rides, was convicted in 2004 for coordinating private prison where hostages held under torture to suspected terrorists in Afghanistan, where it operated as a bounty hunter, and was released in April 2007 after serving three of the 10 years that began as a sentence, because the Afghan government led by Hamid Karzai, was granted a pardon.
After that, everything indicates that came to lie to Bacalar, where yesterday his body was finally found dead inside their home.

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