Wednesday, May 13, 2015


About: “Jack Lewis” a.k.a. Danny Carlton

Jack Lewis” is a pseudonym. When I first began using the internet I found out that there were a lot of crazy people out there and wanted some anonymity. The name served it's purpose, but eventually people began to know me by that name alone. When I started setting up my own sites, I got

My background goes all over the place. I have a Bachelor degree in Broadcasting from John Brown University. I worked for a while in television as studio crew, then as a producer for a television ministry, and years later as a radio announcer at a local Christian station. Broadcasting jobs seemed too scarce so I picked up an Associate degree in Accounting, and another in Business Administration, but by the time I finished that, God called me to Seminary.

I attended South Western Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth for a year and a half, and left to get married. I eventually wound up working as an optician. Because we have two children with a rare congenital disorder, health insurance was hard to come by, so when a job opportunity to work for a national company with excellent insurance came along, I applied, but was turned down. My wife then applied and was accepted. So since then I've been a stay-at-home dad, homeschooling our four kids, and working on various projects on the internet.

In these past few years I've written a novel, and co-wrote the autobiography of a friend who runs an international ministry. I've also developed numerous sites like,,, and I also built and manage the most active site for the congenital condition my children have, helping hundreds of people world-wide communicate with others dealing with the same problems and worries.

While I abandoned any real effort at anonymity several years ago, I kept the pseudonym, because so many people knew me by that name. My dream is to write novels for a living. This blog is a means to that end. Besides giving me the opportunity to hone my writing skills, as it grows, my hope is to build a “following” of people who like my writing, therefore an initial target audience for whenever I can get published.

--Danny Carlton

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