Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;

This morning the bio-hazard that is the body of American traitor and international war criminal “Jack” Idema is either in the guts of various wild animals in Mexico, or has been seized by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to await claim by friends or family.

If the latter report is true, the wait may be very long indeed.

The immediate Idema family is dead, and there are no friends

Idema leaves in his wake only victims and enemies.

The most tragic of these victims and enemies, in this writer's humble opinion, is Idema's former wife, Penny Alesi. An average middle class woman whose only “crime” has to fall in love with a man she later discovered to be pure evil. When Ms. Alesi was finally was “mugged by reality” in Bacalar, Mexico. and discovered horrible truth that her lover was a raving psychopath and secret homosexual, it was too late to save her life – She had been knowingly HIV infected by Idema.

Penny Alesi's story of torture and horror at the hands of the traitor Idema is told here in graphic detail.

A lesser woman who had escaped certain death at the hands of a very evil and dangerous man would have given up the struggle upon safe arrival at home. But not Penny Alesi – she had just begun to fight – and did all in her power to secure the arrest of Idema by Mexican and American authorities. At the same time she spent endless hours in vain attempts to interest the Big Media in the USA in doing stories on the HIV danger posed to the international public by an evil man, the owner and operator of a Mexican resort.

There are many lessons that can be learned from the criminal career of self appointed “Super Patriot” Idema, but the most important one is the failure of the U.S. Government to have “terminated with extreme prejudice” Idema in early 2004, when it became apparent to nearly everyone that he had turned traitor in Afghanistan. Instead, the power barons of the Feds turned him over to arguably the most corrupt government in Asia.

The predictable result of this confinement in a luxury suite in Afghanistan's most infamous prison complete with computer and satellite phone that were used to advance a criminal career. It was here that Idema converted to Islam and supplied America's enemies with videos, pictures and documents that were used to kill American troops in Southwest Asia. This download also included Idema produced videos showing him torture Afghans in his private prison. These videos have gone viral on the Internet and are a great propaganda coup for America's Islamist enemies.

The final stop for Idema was Bacalar, Mexico in 2007.

The short version of this final chapter: the Mexican and American governments did absolutely nothing while Idema's criminal career went into hyper drive. In this writer's humble opinion had Idema not become infected with HIV in 2007 during his early days in Mexico (In addition to a heavy habit) he would have become a major problem for the United States, as he swore revenge on this nation for “betraying” him in Afghanistan! When this writer became aware of the threat posed to national security by Idema, he personally briefed a federal agent working for Homeland Security in early 2011. A week later, this writer was told by the same agent , “The American government can do nothing to Idema while he stays in Mexico.” When he told the agent that Idema was illegally a Mexican resident, the agent replied, “This is a matter for the Mexican government.”

Yes, Idema is dead and the world should rejoice!

But the Idema evil lives on...

And his victims continue to die.

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