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The email messages:
Blogger hans said...

Sounds horrible this story, written by Penny? If not, where is the name of the author or why didn't you put your name on it sweetheart ? Who knows what happened between those two highly intelligent, headstrong and agressive mates. When I, hans van kooijk, knew them, Penny was already skinny as a 2x4 and as tough as one too. Some mornings Jack (probably deserved it) had blue spots on shoulders, breast and belly after "sweet" Penny vented her anger once alone with her chosen man. Both Penny and Jack tended to blow up when I knew them, so what.....Hot Love War Zone...maybe?Penny certainly had lot's of time and opportunity to think about there relationship (years) and we (my wife and me) offered space if she wanted to rethink stuff. So...use this space as a forum for vengeance? Why...what's the use..give it a rest!
November 11, 2011 11:02 PM
Blogger hans said...
Yes, he got mended good in a non VA hospital in the South of Mexico "Boondogs" after a serious accident which crushed several of his ribs and assorted bones for about nothing in us $$. Would he has been as well taken care off in a VA Hospital? He would say yes, patriote as he is, but would that be true? I remember lot's of negatory stories of personel and family who feel left alone after receiving a broken soldier!
November 12, 2011 1:28 AM
My Response on Han's website:


Interesting comments you made about Idema on my blog!

As is well known, I'm doing an investigative series of articles on Idema as a free lance writer and blogger, so feel free to continue to comment on the articles I publish.

If you care to contact me:

Cheers, Ronbo
Loving those comments. Let me address each one.
First, I would like to comment on his comment. Notice there is no denial of the wedding taking place and he refers to us as "mates", meaning the marriage was legitimate.
Second, Hans is a hardcore alcoholic, the very reason he & Idema got along. His wife Ann is a sweetie. I would have released many more photos of the ceremony, but Ann is in them & I didn't want to subject her to this. Yes, they offered me a place to stay in 2008, but I knew their lives would be in grave danger if I went there. They live perhaps, 10 houses down from where we lived, easy for Idema to send someone or himself there. Both of them are terribly afraid of Idema. I am certain that he is on a fishing expedition for Idema. Which makes me think Idema is desperate. He & Hans parted ways a long time ago. For Idema to bring him back into the fold reeks of the urgency Idema needs for info.
Yes, there was blue marks on Idema many mornings. Not from me, remember he was having rough sex with his male playmates. Idema told everyone they were from me, but not so. Honestly, do you think Idema would let ME slap him around?! C'mon now.
Yes, I was thin. Hans is thinner than me. So what does that mean? Every thin person has AIDS? I was also working out 24/7. I had to, I never knew when I would need to fight physically.
Idema was in Clinica Carranza in Chetumal. I believe he got adequate medical care. Perhaps he would have had better if he had not kept throwing things at the nurses, cursing & screaming non-stop. He was thrown out of the hospital after trying to stab one of the nurses with a pen in the neck. He also NEVER paid his bill. Also, he was in isolation. Was he in isolation because of AIDS or his behavior? Don't know. But I do know they never allowed me to look at ANY OF HIS MEDICAL FILE. And unlike all the other patients, his was not hanging near the door of his room.
I'd also like to add now that Hans NEVER called or visited Idema while he was in the hospital and never spoke or saw him while I was still involved with Idema, and this is up until July of 2010. Their friendship ended after July of 2009. They would only communicate when Hans would call him & remind him that he needed to take Hans' name off the entry sticker. Period.
Hans helped take my belongings from the States to Bacalar, in June of 2009. He was paid 2 grand on top of expenses to do this. He also got a brand new computer. He sold the computer to a hooker in Bacalar, for sex, because he has no cash available because his wife gives him an allowance. Hans, the drunk he is, decided that that was not enough & he wanted more. This was between him & Idema, not me. Hans had gotten a Mexican Import sticker for the jeep entry into Mexico, as well as the pontoon boat Idema purchased in the States & had driven down, attached to the jeep. Hans had repeatedly asked Jack to switch it to his name.
Idema, of course, couldn't do that because he was in the country illegally. So he stalled. Hans had a legitimate beef with Idema but it should not have involved me. On Sept. 28, 2009, Hans decided that he wanted the jeep & the boat. Idema was in the hospital. So a drunken Hans started yelling my name from the locked front gate demanding to see me. My bodyguard told him to leave. Instead of leaving, Hans decided to climb over the gate to get me. He was quite drunk and in the process, injured himself on the top of the gate (photos of the blood attached) I went downstairs to meet him & he demanded I give him the boat & the jeep. Yup. If I didn't he said he would hurt me.
I told my bodyguard to step aside and I told Hans, "Fine, go ahead, hurt me, but you need to deal with Idema not me." Hans was petrified of Idema and thought he could get me to just give him what he wanted. Again, I told him, "Fight me physically and we'll see the outcome with no bodyguard involved, or Nina involved who was going nuts barking, wanting to attack Hans because he was screaming at me. I told the bodyguard to just hold onto to Nina and not let her go."
Hans didn't expect the challenge to hand-to-hand combat with a small, but very angry woman, and coward that he is, backed off and climbed over the gate in shameful retreat. He came back the next morning (Sept. 29, 2009) to start a verbal conflict with me all over again, however, this time I had a different bodyguard (George at the gate with Hans on the other side, photos included) waiting for him, so being the champion in combat with small women, he naturally ran away as scared as a little bunny rabbit: He knew well that bogyguard George is a major badass and was my protector in Mexico.
The week of Nov.16th, 2009 (I forget what exact day that week, but it was in the earlier part), I went to the border in Belize, with Nick Hunter, and had Hans taken off the import sticker. I was supposed to go back to Belize to put my name on it, but I never did. This is the nonsense I had to deal with on an everyday basis in Mexico. Idema had made alot of enemies and they knew he was in the hospital so they were going after me for retaliation.
But I never gave up or let them get me.
I fought all of them. There are so many more stories like this one. I had a trusted circle of men that defended me and stood by me, while Idema was in the hospital and stayed with me around the clock. Nina and I would fight to the end without them if it was necessary. I had Idema's arsenal of weapons and my dog, Nina, that was all I needed.
Finally, I am so glad I took photos and kept a diary. Somehow I knew eventually I would need all this stuff.
All The Best,






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